8 things you need to know before dating a Libra

Librans are renowned for being the most harmonious and well-balanced of all the astrological signs, but once you delve a little deeper, you’ll find a whole load of complexities.

So, if you’re thinking of settling down with a Libran, here are nine things you need to know first.

1. The Can Be Indecisive

Because Librans are all about making the right decision, they can be notoriously indecisive. Whether it’s deciding on what Wedding venue, or deciding what to eat for dinner, they’ll take choices very seriously.

2. They’re Diplomats

Librans are all about equality, fairness and… world peace. They don’t take sides (which can be unfortunate when you’re trying to gossip about you annoying new co-worker), but they’ll also be absolute gems at resolving arguments.

3. They Can’t Say No

Librans are the type of people who’ll always say yes to you, regardless of what you need! On the flipside, this means that they can be taken advantage of and can lead to resentment. Tread carefully, Fairies.

4. Lazy Librans

Laziness is one of the negative traits of a Libran, but if you ask them, they’re not laziness, they’re simply recharging their batteries! A Libra needs down-time so that he can get his energy levels back up for you, make sure you let him have this quiet time and he’ll be back to his usual self in no time.


5. They’re Flirts

Although they’re loyal, Libras are naturally good t charming, which can occasionally come across as flirting. If you think they’ve overstepped the boundary, just let them know with a quiet word!

6. They’re Disorganised

Librans are not renowned for their superior organisational skills, so if you’re dating one, be prepared for an emotionally charged roller-coaster!

7. They’re The Popular One

Librans don’t make enemies easily. They’re one of the most popular star signs because they shy away from confrontation and gossip. Although they’ve got hundreds of friends, they also tend to keep their distance to stop themselves from getting hurt, which means you might have trouble getting close to them.

8. They Love Romance

Librans truly believe in Happily Ever After, which means that sometimes they can have unrealistic expectations. Use some old-school romance to sweep them off their feet and they’ll be yours forever.


Images from Randa and Wael’s Wedding. Photography by Academy Group.

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