Are You Choosing The Right Engagement Ring For Your Finger?

We’re definitely not the only ones who’ve taken a look at our bare fingers and wondered what the perfect engagement ring would look like.

With so many cuts, styles, and diamonds available, it’s reassuring to know that there’s something for everyone, no matter the shape of your hands.

We’ve put together the best options for both slender and wide fingers, so you won’t be completely befuddled when it comes time to putting a ring on it.

Engagement Rings For Slender Fingers

Oval Diamonds

Whether in a halo or solitaire, the oval diamond complements slender fingers thanks to their symmetrical and elongated shape. Paired with a wider band, the ring will flatter your finger rather than make it appear too slim.

Pear Diamond

If you have slender, shorter fingers, a pear shaped engagement ring works well as the point of the diamond helps to elongate the length of your finger.

Radiant Diamond

The most underrated of diamond shapes is the radiant cut diamond – with a similar shape to the emerald diamond, the style balances out longer fingers without compromising on glam.

Emerald Cut Diamond

Teamed with a thicker band, an emerald shaped ring can complement a slender hand (and also works well to slim down a wider finger, as you’ll read later).

Engagement Rings For Wide Fingers

Marquise Diamond

With their elongated shape, marquise diamonds work well for wide fingers as it covers more skin and won’t look unbalanced against your finger.

Trilogy Rings

Taking advantage of the greater surface area, trilogy rings are a great option for anyone with wide fingers as the ring covers the width of the ring finger without taking anything away from the length, give your fingers a slimmer appearance.

Emerald Cut Diamond

With a second appearance of this list, emerald diamonds are one of the more versatile ring styles. They add length to a wide finger and pair well with a medium-sized band.


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