7 Hens Party Ideas If Male Strippers Aren’t Your Thing

In 1987, an American newspaper said that a hens night was a “time honoured idea” that involved “tea and chitchats, gossip and smart hats.” Fancy shmancy, amirite ladies?

In this new millennial era, you’re most likely gulping cocktails while watching aunt Shelly get cosy with Tim the fake policeman #spareus.

So, we’ve put together some fabulous hens party ideas that don’t involve strippers:

The Lip Lab

Forget Mac lipstick in Ruby Woo and Crème Cup. This place is perfect for all the girly fun you’re looking forward to. With stores across Australia, you’ll be creating your very own lipstick!

*updates Instagram bio to cosmetics entrepreneur just to look like a discount Kylie Jenner*

Choose from an array of shades that staff will mix and pour while you wait. Custom lippy? Perfect for bridesmaid duties!

lip lab

Via Lip Lab

Cork And Canvas

We can just imagine you, drink in one hand, paint brush in the other. Channel your inner Van Gogh because these guys are all about free-spirited creativity. Whether you join a public class or book a private event, you and your girls are in for a therapeutic session of painting your hearts out. The most talented in the group better give you a wedding illustration!

weekend notes

Via Weekend Notes

Escape Room

Escape rooms are the new black in the laser skirmish sphere and we’re all in. For one hour, you and your hens will be locked in a mock scene of pressure and you’ll have to figure out the exit strategy! What a fun way to reduce stress and shake off the nerves for the big day!


Via Escape Room Sydney

A Spa Experience

Wind down before your wedding by treating you and your girls to a luxury day spa. We’re talking facials and massages your hens will love. Chi the Spa is all about healing techniques, wellness and botanical ingredients to put you through all the calming vibes. Yeah, body balance salt glow is a thing. Top it off with a high tea and this day will be oh-so-fancy.

SLSN Health Leisure

Via Shangri-La

Karaoke Night

Need an excuse to prove to your girls that you’re the Beyoncé of the group? Hit the town for an all-night karaoke party! Hit up Mizuya for huge private rooms and use the touchscreen to order your food and drinks without missing a note. Or for a little more variety, Goros has a couple of karaoke rooms which you can jam out in before heading out for drinks and some late snacks from the main bar.

karaoke bars goros

Via Eat Drink Play

Cooking Class

Real talk, you’re about to be a wifey and you don’t cook nowhere near as good as mum. It’s time to expand those cooking horizons from burnt eggs and cake mix boxes to the more serious stuff. Cornersmith Workshop is here for fermented vegetables, making jam, smoking food at home and creating your very own sourdough bread. You can also try Cucina Italiana for tasty Italian food and Salt Meats Cheese for pasta and pizza.


Via Cornersmith

Weekend Away

Once married life is here, your next big holiday might be with kids! So enjoy your last getaway as a single lady! Choose a location out of town with your girls and get ready to explore and make memories you’ll never forget. Pack your bags and discover a whole new town to brunch in.

bathing belles

Via Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats

Written by Shaymah Alkhair

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