7 Mother-In-Law Stories That Will Make Yours Look Like A Saint

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we’re all about celebrating the wonderful women in our lives. That is, the wonderful women that don’t go out of their way to sabotage our happiness.

As it turns out, horrible mother-in-laws aren’t just a thing exaggerated by Hollywood. We put the call out to our lovely Wedded Wonderland audience to find out the worst “monster-in-law” stories out there and it’s safe to say we haven’t heard stories quite like these before.

WARNING: You may reconsider meeting the parents after reading these.


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The Possessive Grandmother

The worst would have to be when I gave birth to my daughter and I was living with my in-laws at the time as hubby and I were building our home. 24 hours after giving birth, my mother-in-law says to me as I was admiring my beautiful new baby girl sleeping, “Don’t look at her, that’s enough! You’re not allowed to look at her!” I knew this women was nuts but not to this level. I was also told not to hold my baby and that I had bad milk.

This women wanted to take my child for herself and she tried hard to break me and really give me post-natal depression but I fought back and came out on top. My daughter and I don’t have much to do with her anymore – we try to see her as little as possible.

The Reluctant Dinner Host

I was over my ex’s place once (we had been together for 2 years by this point and his mum just never liked me) and she knew I was staying for dinner. She made dinner and called out to everyone that it was ready. They all headed out, while I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. When I came out, everyone was eating and there was no plate set for me. Before a word left my mouth, she said, “There is food in the freezer and the pan is still hot. Go make yourself something.” I certainly dodged a bullet.


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The Tyrannical Mother-In-Law

My best friend’s mother-in-law accused her of “stealing” her son from his high school ex, who she was still friendly with. This wasn’t brought up until they were engaged after 10 years together. She also refused to go to her bridal shower if the bride’s mother was going to be there.

The mother-in-law told them she wanted them to marry in a church, but when they booked a church, she told them that that the church was too over-the-top and that it was ridiculous to pay that much. There was no offer of financial input from the groom’s parents, but there was a substantial amount from bride’s parents, so the invites went out with the bride’s parents names together with the couple’s name.

The mother-in-law called, abusing them, saying they were embarrassing her and told them to retract the invitations so she could add her name to those that went out to her side of the family – even though she wasn’t contributing to the day! She didn’t end up coming to the wedding … and the couple lived happily ever after!

The Mummy’s Boy

My mother-in-law is the reason I’m divorced. My ex was a mummy’s boy who would listen to his mother all the time and always disregarded what I had to say – especially when it came to organising our wedding. His mother dictated who was going to be in my bridal party and he agreed, so she was adamant she wanted to have her parents (my ex’s grandparents) on the bridal table and I put my foot down and said no. My grandparents have sadly all passed away. I didn’t feel that was fair.

The Serial Caller

After the wedding his mum kept calling us after we went up to our hotel room, just to tell us his sister wasn’t happy she wasn’t mentioned in his speech ( even though she didn’t do anything for the wedding). She rang multiple times until I told him to switch his phone off. He ended up calling his dad to tell his mum to stop calling! On our wedding night!

The Package Deal

When you get engaged, and the first thing she says is not “congratulations,” but turns to her son and says, “now you have to look after your new mum as well.” Since when was a marriage about the mothers! (It was just to remind me that she’s not going anywhere … and P.S. my mum is perfectly capable of looking after herself!)

The Crazy Family

I had a bride book her wedding at our venue and met with her and her fiancé and their two young children – they were lovely. A week later I received a call from the mother of the groom and she was screaming, “My son is not marrying that whore!” Their wedding was postponed for a year, then another year, and they finally got married three years later and it was the worst wedding I have ever organised and worked.

The family was awful – our team had to endure bitching from all ends. As they arrived back from spa treatments the mother-in-law came stomping into the foyer yelling, “She is a nightmare, she is not marrying MY son.” The bride walked in silently crying and went up to her room. The mother-in-law took the bridal suite as her own and made the bride stay in a normal room (which is still nice but not a suite). She made the bride pay for our most expensive wines when the bride only drank moscato. The bride wasn’t a delight, either but the whole family was a trainwreck.


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