A Two Day Wedding Celebration in Greece

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Photo by Louis Gabriel Photography

How They Met? 

It all began in February 2018 at a Greek philanthropic event known as Leadership 100. Fate seemed to have orchestrated Nicole and Manoli coming together. Nicole found herself in a conversation with Manoli’s dad, and the rest, as they say, is history. With a smile and a casual introduction, Manoli entered her life, and sparks flew. Little had they known that their parents’ ties within the Greek community had set the stage for their serendipitous encounter.

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Their love story continued to unfold. A year later, they officially started dating. Then, life threw them a curveball. Nicole fell seriously ill with Lyme Disease, and Manoli became her unwavering pillar of support. Through the darkest days of her life, his love and care illuminated the way. It was during this challenging period that Nicole knew without a doubt that Manoli was the one.

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Photo by Louis Gabriel Photography

The Proposal

Fast forward to December 2021, a time of joy and celebration. Manoli had a surprise in store for Nicole. He whisked her away to the Pelican Club in Clearwater, FL, for what she thought was a holiday black-tie event. Little did she know that this evening would change their lives forever. As the sun set, with a violinist playing in the background and a romantic ambiance, Manoli proposed. It was a moment filled with love, beauty, and intimacy. 

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The surprises didn’t end there. Nicole was greeted by both of their families, who had flown in to share in the joy of their engagement. She marveled at the blessing of not only finding the love of her life but also embracing his family as her own.

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A Wedding to Remember

Now, let’s talk about the wedding, the day every bride dreams of. Nicole and Manoli’s wedding was unique in many ways. Their families and friends shared a special bond, creating an atmosphere of closeness and warmth.

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Nicole’s creative vision came to life in the decor, and it felt like a dream come true. Planning a destination wedding from a whole other country and communicating solely through email might sound challenging, but when she walked into the reception, it was like stepping into a fairy tale.

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But that’s not all; the after party was a highlight of the celebration. They had a live crepe making station, gyros, and a DJ who kept the party going until 7am. The Greeks indeed know how to keep the festivities alive!

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Choosing the Perfect Destination

Being from Miami, you might wonder why Nicole and Manoli chose Greece as their wedding destination. Well, it turns out that the idea had been in their hearts from the early days of their relationship. They both shared a love for Greece, and the idea of a destination wedding appealed to them. It allowed for a weekend-long celebration, from an epic all-white welcome party to a beach day, and finally, the wedding in Athens.

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Photo by Louis Gabriel Photography

The Bride’s Gown

Nicole’s gown, a Galia Lahav creation named Nadia, was a masterpiece in itself. Custom-made to fit her like a glove, it was adorned with hand-beaded flowers and lined crystals on the bust. With a two-piece design featuring a sexy mermaid gown and a fluffy overskirt, it perfectly encapsulated her style—sexy, romantic, and ethereal. It took over a year to craft this exquisite piece, and Nicole was one of the first brides to wear the Nadia style, making it even more special.

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Photo by Louis Gabriel Photography

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Photo by Louis Gabriel Photography

A Greek Love Affair

Nicole and Manoli’s wedding was a beautiful fusion of their Greek heritage and their love story. They incorporated various Greek traditions into their special day. A traditional Greek ceremony led by the Archbishop Elpidophoros of North America added a profound touch. The reception featured a Greek band playing traditional line dance songs, and they served mastica drinks, a native liquor from Chios, Manoli’s homeland. One of the most heartwarming moments was Nicole’s father-daughter dance to their favorite Greek song, a tribute to her roots and her father’s love.

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Words of Wisdom for Future Brides

Nicole has some valuable advice for brides-to-be. First and foremost, make your wedding authentically you. Trends come and go, but your love story is timeless. Secondly, use the power of inspiration from platforms like Pinterest and social media to create your dream wedding. It’s a treasure trove of ideas. Lastly, find a wedding planner and a dress that aligns with your vibe and personality. The right dress should suit the weather and environment of your wedding location, while your planner should be someone you get along with and whose work you greatly admire.

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Wedding Vendors 

Planner @Only For You Anjie

Venue @Pyrgos Petreza Athens

Photography & video @Louis Gabriel Photography

Flowers @Studio 7

Rentals @Style Box

Makeup @Agapi Temir

My Engagement Ring @Cartier

Manoli’s Engagement Ring @Shopvasilea

Hair @Maira GrypaiouViolinists @Soul n Passion

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