A Dream Ravello Italy Wedding


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How The Couple Met

Rachelle and Xavier’s love store is one that spans continents and cultures. Rachelle and Xavier first met in 2016 in the bustling heart of New York City. Rachelle was busy climbing the corporate ladder, and Xavier was shooting hoops professionally for the Knicks. Fate had them training in the same gym within the building where Rachelle lived in Manhattan. 

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Fast forward a few yearsto 2020 in the city of  Los Angeles,  they reconnected and took their friendship to the next level, right before the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Xavier was about to embark on an adventure down under in the NBL, Australia’s National Basketball League, and Rachelle decided to join him in Sydney. Talk about taking a leap of faith!

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Photo by Lost In Love Photography 

The Sydney Surprise

December 2022 brought a heartwarming surprise in the heart of Sydney. Xavier proposed to Rachelle in a stunning engagement at Hubert, capturing her heart once again. With twinkling lights and a city buzzing with love, it was a proposal to remember.

However, they didn’t have much time to spare! With Xavier’s busy basketball schedule, they had a small window during the off-season, so they dove headfirst into wedding planning.

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The Wedding Extravaganza

Fast forward six months, and the big day arrived. Rachelle and Xavier wanted their wedding to be a celebration of love and unity, and they got exactly that. Their favorite part? Having a diverse crowd of loved ones from around the world gathered to celebrate with them. Friends, family, colleagues, trainers, coaches, and teammates came from places including the US, Canada, Lebanon, Dubai, Paris, London, Switzerland, and even Papua New Guinea! Talk about a global love fest.

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The ceremony was held in a picturesque garden overlooking the breathtaking Amalfi coastline, setting the stage for a romantic union. To add a touch of chic, they incorporated colourful ottomans for their guests to lounge on. But Rachelle’s love for florals took centre stage, with bespoke chandeliers made of white orchids gracing the all-white reception in the Crypt. It was a floral fantasy come to life.

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Photo by Lost In Love Photography 

The Bride’s Gown 

Rachelle’s Pallas Couture gown was nothing short of a masterpiece. It was a bespoke creation, made from never-before-used fabrics, and the intricate beading made it look like it was “dripping” with elegance. Rachelle’s gown had so much detail that one of the seamstresses claimed she’d never worked on a gown quite like it before. Well, we think that’s a testament to its sheer beauty!

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Photo by Lost In Love Photography 

The Dream Destination

So, why did they choose Villa Cimbrone in Ravello for their wedding? Well, Rachelle had always dreamed of a destination wedding, and the Amalfi Coast was calling her name. Villa Cimbrone, one of Europe’s most incredible and historical venues, was the perfect choice. Xavier, ever the romantic, simply wanted to see Rachelle happy. It also served as a fantastic meeting point for their international guests, making it a no-brainer.

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Incorporating Cultural Elements 

As a couple deeply connected to their roots, Rachelle and Xavier made sure to incorporate cultural elements into their wedding. Rachelle’s Lebanese background shone through as they were married by a Melkite Catholic Priest flown in from Genoa. The ceremony was conducted primarily in Arabic, a nod to Rachelle’s heritage.

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Photo by Lost In Love Photography 

Words of Wisdom from Rachelle

For all the future brides out there, Rachelle has some insightful advice: invest in a fantastic wedding planner. She worked with Georgia from Mrs Smith Weddings, who navigated the complexities of planning a destination wedding like a pro. From language barriers to time zones, Georgia had it all covered, leaving Rachelle and Xavier with peace of mind and the ability to emerse themselves in the love and excitement of the process.

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The Couples’ Favorite Moments

When asked about their favorite moments leading up to the big day, Rachelle and Xavier both agreed that feeling the genuine love in the room was a surreal experience. Sharing these cherished memories with their nearest and dearest was the most special thing in the world. Oh, and let’s not forget the pizza waiting in their hotel room when the night was over. Now that’s our kind of happily ever after!

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Photo by Lost In Love Photography 

The Wedding Vendors

Planner + Stylist @mrssmithweddings

Photographer @lostinlove_photography

Cinematographer @sodafilms

Venue @villacimbrone

Dress @pallascouture

Suit @belanceworld

Florals @malafrontefiori

Makeup @alexperrinmua

Hair @beautylivery

Rentals @geg_party_service

Stationery @maziicollection

Invites @xelastudio

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