This Destination Wedding in Italy was Filled with Surprise and Adventure

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The Proposal

While dining at Alexia’s parents’ house, Carmine told her that he needed to take her dad to see a house he was interested in buying, and of course, Alexia insisted on tagging along. Little did she know, there was no house-hunting agenda.

Instead, Carmine whisked her dad away to a bar, where they ordered a few drinks and had a heart-to-heart. With a grin, Carmine popped the question, asking for Alexia’s hand in marriage. Her dad’s response? An enthusiastic “Absolutely!” Laughter and hugs sealed the deal.


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Fast forward to their 3rd anniversary, on a fine Friday evening in 2018. Carmine had an extravagant plan in motion. He arranged for a chauffeur-driven Mercedes Maybach to pick up Alexia, sweeping her away to a magnificent mansion in Beaumont. There, he and the legendary Mr. Wedding, Ilario, had set up an outdoor deck with awe-inspiring city views.

Carmine even had I Do Cinema there to capture the proposal on film. And, yes, he got down on one knee and popped the question. With a joyful “yes,” their enchanting weekend getaway began, complete with family lunches to celebrate their love.

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The Big Wedding Dream

Now, let’s talk about their wedding dreams. Carmine and Alexia had a very particular wish list: an all-outdoor celebration, ceremony and reception in the same location, room for all their loved ones, a massive dance floor, no curfew, no limits on drinks, and of course, fireworks. 

One day, while chatting at Carmine’s parents’ house, they sarcastically considered having an overseas wedding, thinking it was impossible in Adelaide. To their surprise, the idea took flight, and their families eagerly embraced the idea, and from there the concept of a destination wedding slowly started coming to life.

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Why Italy? For Carmine, it was a nod to his roots, as his late grandfather was from Roccella Ionica. The venue was an easy choice with its delicious food and personal connection. For Alexia, the adventure of an Italian wedding was a thrilling prospect, even though she hadn’t seen the venue until just three days before the wedding.

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Crafting the Wedding Bands

With eight months to go until the big day, Carmine and Alexia embarked on a unique journey. They met with a unique opal mine to create their wedding bands. Alexia designed a band to match her engagement ring, adorned with small diamonds. Carmine, on the other hand, opted for a dazzling 6mm-thick band covered in diamonds.

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A Dream Wedding in Italy

Their wedding day arrived like a fairy tale. Everything was perfection personified, thanks to their brilliant wedding planners. Carmine’s heart skipped a beat as he saw Alexia walk down the aisle with her dad. In the sweltering 46-degree heat, they exchanged vows, laughing through the sweat. 

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The reception was a spectacular extravaganza, filled with the best food and music. The night ended with a bang as Carmine and Alexia, dressed in their wedding attire, leaped into the pool, joined by their bridal party and a few adventurous guests. 

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Unique Touches and Unforgettable Moments

Carmine and Alexia’s wedding was a masterclass in unique touches. From a surprise fireworks display during their first dance to 20,000 Ecuadorian roses adorning the venue, every detail was grand. They also had a 58 course buffet, with fresh mozzarella cheese being made in front of them, along with “Calabrese sushi”. 

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The Gown 

Alexia’s wedding gown, designed by Alin Le’Kal, was a vision in itself. Light and airy for the summer heat, it still had that magical, princess-like quality she longed for. What made it even more special was that it was the first and only wedding dress she ever tried on.

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A Blend of Cultures

Carmine and Alexia’s wedding was a celebration of two cultures. They had the freedom to design their own ceremony and chose Italian and Greek music for the reception, seamlessly blending their backgrounds into the festivities.

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Advice for Future Brides

As for advice to future brides, Alexia has some wisdom to share: Don’t rush! Stress can cloud your judgment, and sometimes, things just fall into place beautifully. Embrace the unexpected, laugh through the hiccups, and cherish every moment.

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Wedding Vendors

Mr Wedding – celebrant, on the day co-ordinator & MC 

I Do Cinema – videographer 


Visual Domain – photographer  

Photo by @visual_domain

Fiori Marrapodi – wedding planners, décor  


Alin Le’Kal – wedding dress 


La Cascina Ristorante – wedding venue, ceremony and reception 


House of K’dor – Engagement ring  


Unique Opal Mine – wedding bands  


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