A Show-Stopping Turkish Wedding Full of Cultural Celebrations

Neslişah and Enes met in the enchanting city of Bursa, Turkey, from there a beautiful love story first sparked, and the couple chose to begin their forever journey together. This charming city played host to their grand wedding celebration, attended by 500 guests. 

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Image by Ala Wedding

The Proposal 

Prepare to be captivated by a heartwarming tale that embodies the enchantment of love. Picture a proposal adorned with the soft glow of candles, the fragrance of blooming flowers, all set against the backdrop of a tranquil lakeside. And who stole the show? A charming furry friend from the lakeside hotel! This is a story that tugged at heartstrings and brought tears to the bride, Neslişah.

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The Details of Neslişah and Enes’s Türkiye Wedding 

Every wedding dream Neslişah ever had became a breathtaking reality. The couple meticulously crafted every detail, from the enchanting entrance texts to the beautifully designed menu cards. To add a personal touch, the couple penned heartfelt lyrics on a mirror, strategically placed at the entrance for memorable photos. And that’s not all – the dance floor was covered with a tapestry of love-inspired words.. It was a labor of love, and their talented organizer worked tirelessly to bring their vision to life.

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The Gown 

On that day when it became clear that their wedding was looming closer  –  Neslişah yearned for a feathered hat, even before thinking about her wedding dress! You see, this wasn’t going to be your typical wedding; the couple envisioned it as a full-fledged show, a hub of entertainment and pure fun. The couple sketched it out, making sure it complimented the bride’s physique and would pair perfectly with her short, radiant hair. What excited the couple the most was that the bride’s whimsical attire would be a mirror to her soul, reflecting the pure joy and vivacity of their celebration.

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The Couple’s Favorite Moments 

Let’s talk about the extravaganza that rocked Neslişah and Enes’ wedding! The couple had a little surprise up their sleeves. They kicked off with a custom music mix that left everyone stunned. The orchestra transformed into familiar tunes, building up the anticipation until the moment the pair hit the stage. And when they did, it was a rock ‘n’ roll spectacle! Neslişah has always had a soft spot for classic dances. To her, they exude a special charm, a timeless quality that’s simply irresistible. The guests couldn’t contain their excitement as the couple unleashed one of her all-time favorite dances. It was nothing short of incredible. But the couple didn’t stop there; they also added cultural dances to the mix, making the wedding celebration even more vibrant and unforgettable.

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Image by Ala Wedding

Hair: @ercanbora__

Makeup: @ulker.azizova

Palace: @podyumdavet 

Photographer: @alaweddingworks

Organization: @elcedavetbyelifevke

Wedding dress: @vakkowedding

After dress: @sedaersantasarim

Accessories: @galiaaccessories

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