An Intimate Yet Grand Wedding At The State Library Of NSW

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The Proposal 

Awais brought a new spectrum of color to Stephanie’s world, just as she did to his. Their proposal, like their love, was unique and heartwarming. On a tranquil day in Greece, with the sparkling waters of Paros as their witness, Awais popped the question. There were no extravagant gestures, no elaborate displays – just a simple, “You’re going to marry me.” And in that serene moment, Stephanie said, “Of course, I’ll marry you.” Their love story was unfolding as authentically as they were, with hearts filled with love.

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Stephanie and Awais’s Special Wedding Details 

Fast forward to their wedding day, where the backdrop of blue drapery added a very intimate yet grand touch to their ceremony. Every detail, from Stephanie’s delicately hand-beaded dress by Sant Elia to the floral installations by Francis Floristry, was ingrained with significance. The blue and purple theme, chosen by Stephanie, echoed her love for cobalt blue and the jewel tones from stained glass windows and her ceremony dress.

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Incorporating Italian and South-Asian Cultures

What made their wedding truly unique, though, were the cultural elements seamlessly woven into the day. Stephanie and Awais celebrated both their backgrounds with readings from the Quran and the Bible, a candle ceremony for their mothers, and even a lively Tarantella dance performance. Pakistani Dhol Drummers also led the entrance to the after party. The fusion of South-Asian and Italian cuisine also added a delicious twist to their culinary journey.


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The Venue 

As for the venue, the NSW State Library proved to be the perfect canvas for their love story. Its versatility allowed the transformation from day to night, and its heritage details added a touch of magic. Stephanie, a bridal designer, and Awais, a barrister, found that the venue encapsulated their individuality and their unity as a couple.

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Stephanie’s Gowns  

Now, let’s talk about Stephanie’s gowns, shall we? Her ceremony gown was a masterpiece that celebrated the union of two cultures, including a classic Italian inspired structured silhouette and Eastern/South Asian beading techniques. It was a labor of love, with intricate embellishments that took three months to create by hand. The beaded motifs on her gown were deeply personal, featuring star signs, ancestral places, travel destinations, and quotes from loved ones. The reception gown was equally breathtaking, with opulent hand-beaded tulle and a theatrical silk gazar cape. Both gowns were designed by Stephanie in collaboration with her team of bridal artisans and created at her bridal studio in Petersham, Sydney. Stephanie was the epitome of elegance and grace.

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The reception gown was equally breathtaking, with opulent hand-beaded tulle and a theatrical silk gazar cape. Stephanie was the epitome of elegance and grace.

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Advice for Future Couples 

And for all the brides-to-be out there, Stephanie and Awais had some sage advice: “Make choices that reflect you both as a couple, don’t lose yourself in other people’s expectations.” Wise words from a couple who truly understood the essence of a wedding – a celebration of love, unique to the couple at its heart.

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Stephanie and Awais’s Favorite Moments of their Wedding 

As for their favorite moments, Stephanie treasured their vows and the surprise of her son Rome becoming the ring bearer. Awais cherished Stephanie and Rome walking down the aisle to the sweet notes of “Here Comes the Sun,” along with the heartfelt vows and the joy of doing his speech with his beloved family by his side.

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The Wedding Vendors 

Planner & Stylist Lb Styling @placeoflb 

Hire @eventhiresyd 

Catering & Drinks @laissez_faire_catering 

Celebrant @ceremony.vp 

Photographer @anemotionweddings 

Videographer @anemotionweddings 

Florist @francisfloristry 

Entertainment ceremony @stringspace 

Entertainment afterparty @soulnights_ 

Stationary @byv__ 

Hair @mariaunali.bridalhair

Makeup @alexpolverinomua

Draping @thelooksydney 

Lighting + AV @sydneyeventservices

AV for band @soulnights_ 

Sydney Props Columns @sydneypropspecialists

Cake @pasticceria_caruso 

Cake #2 @stacybrewcakes

Drums Dohl Gy

Photobooth @openbooths 

Stephanie’s ring @grewandco 

Gowns @santelia_sydney 

Bridal slip & Robe @santelia_sydney 

Headpiece @hermioneharbutt 

Ceremony Jewellery @swarovski 

Ceremony Shoes @reneecaovilla 

Reception shoes @gianvitorossi 

Henna @hennabyhura 

Location @statelibrarynsw 

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