A Gatsby Meets Garden Party Wedding In New Jersey

It was a serendipitous moment when Amanda first met James, and their proposal was nothing less of the sort. Right in front of Serendipity in New York City, James got down on one knee, and asked Amanda to marry him.

As for the wedding, it was Gatsby Chic meets Garden party, and everything the happy couple could dream for. Although beautiful and romantic, they made sure that they didn’t hold back on the partying. After all, Amanda had only just taken her Bar exam the month before, so she was ready to let it all loose.

“We had personalised LED bracelets made for all of our guests, and they synced up to a main control, just like at a Coldplay concert. We danced to a A Sky Full of Stars for our first dance, and when the beat dropped, James lifted me into the air, and all of the bracelets started flashing. At the same time, confetti and carbon dioxide cannons went off. It was such an incredible moment!”

But the fun certainly didn’t stop there. Amanda’s dad, who is a cop with a usually serious attitude, decided to bedazzle his vest with the letters FOB, which he revealed mid speech.

“My family makes fun of me for being over the top, so when my dad took off his jacket to flash us his vest, he yelled out, ‘who’s extra now?’ It was hilarious!”

To top it all off, the newlyweds made sure to not only leave their guests with fun times, but with full hearts as well.

“We donated to the children’s brain tumour foundation in our guests’ honour. It was really important to us, because my little brother is a brain tumour survivor.”

Amanda and James’ wedding was certainly everything that they could have hoped for. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Photography by: @gabellistudio

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Photography by: @gabellistudio

Reception Venue: @theparksavoy

Cinematographer and Entertainment by: @eclipseeventsnj

Bridal Dress Designer: @pninatornai

Bridal Shoes by: @badgleymischka

Bridal Headpiece by: @kleinfeldbridal

Engagement Rings by: @gerald_peters

Cake Designer: @palermosbakery

Florist: @carrollsflorist

Hairdresser and Makeup Artists: @houseoftrends06


Written by Hanan Merheb

Posted in Classic, Glam, Real Weddings, United States of America by wedded wonderland

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