9 Things No One Tells You About Planning Your Own Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement! So, you’ve started planning the wedding and now have five different Pinterest boards, 500 inspirational images saved from Instagram, and started 12 budget spreadsheets on excel. Well then, here are nine things somebody has most likely forgotten to mention to you about planning your very own wedding!

1. Everyone Will Have an Opinion

Everyone you know or will meet, will have an opinion and offer advice on what you should or shouldn’t have at your wedding. Consider what you want most out of your wedding and take advice with an objective stance – you never know, Aunt Susan might be right about choosing those pink flowers.

2. Weddings are Expensive

Your wedding will be the most expensive eight hours of your life. Everything comes at a price tag and as soon as you mention the magic word ‘wedding’ the cost may skyrocket.

3. Do What Makes You Happiest

This is YOUR big day and everyone will want to request things from you. Just remember that you can’t make everyone happy and there’s no need to stress about it. Be true to what you and your partner want, and everything else shall fall into place.

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4. You’ll Be Stressed

You will be stressed. You will have miniature panic attacks on the regular. You will remember to do things right before bed and the stress will keep you up. Take a deep breath, step away from the wedding planning, and don’t sweat the small stuff!

5. Learn to Delegate

As much as you would like to control every minute detail, you will need to learn to let go. If your budget permits, hire a wedding planner and wedding coordinator or delegate tasks to family members and friends you trust.

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6. DIY Will Come At A Cost

Often DIY-ing will cost just as much or even more than it would getting a professional to do the job. Plus you will be time poor and DIY costs time. All factors you need to consider when trolling your Pinterest boards.

7. Wedding Planning Questions

Great, fantastic, spectacular… please stop asking me! You will get sick of people asking how it’s all going, whether you’re stressed or whether you’ve done this or that.

8. The Groom Will Have Opinions

The assumption that the groom just goes along with what they’re told to go along with will not always be the case. Your groom might have the strongest opinions about the smallest of details. Best to try and find a happy medium. You never know, he might have a trick or two up his sleeve and make your wedding that little bit more fabulous!

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9. Enjoy Your Dress Fittings

Since you will only wear your dream dress on your wedding, you’ll want to enjoy wearing it more than once. Take advantage of your fittings and savour the joy.


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