How Much Does the Average Wedding Cost

Play it smart when it comes to planning and saving for your wedding with the help of this wedding budget breakdown. The eye-opening results come from a survey* conducted by Wedded Wonderland with 660 brides married in the last two years.

What’s the average wedding cost? When do I need to start saving for my dress? How much does a venue set me back? Can I really afford those flowers? All these questions and more can be answered once you know how much couples are really spending on the finer details of their big day.

The most surprising discoveries of the survey were the hikes in money spent on engagement rings and wedding dress.

“Brides have doubled their average budget on their wedding dress, which isn’t surprising considering the rising trend of unique and designed wedding dresses on Social Media, as well as the opportunity to purchase a wedding dress from designers around the world.” says Wendy El Khoury, Director of Wedded Wonderland.

Despite the average spend on engagement rings being higher than expected, it is one place you can justify a large spend, because ultimately it is forever.

Can we put a price on love? Here’s what we discovered when it came to breaking down the costs of an average wedding.




*Wedded Wonderland surveyed 660 brides married in the last two years in March 2017.

Title Image: A Sophisticated Barn Wedding in Autumn
Photography: Lucas & Co Photography

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