Couple Asked Guests to Bring A Sandwich and Chair to Wedding

This couple couldn’t chair less…

A couple getting married are being slammed for asking their guests to bring a chair and a sandwich along with them to their wedding. The RSVP section of their invite states at the bottom in small cursive writing, that they are requested to pack a mini picnic with them to attend if they miss the RSVP date.

Now if that is is not enough incentive to RSVP before the cut-off date, then I don’t know what is.

We have to admit, it is stressful planning a wedding, especially when people RSVP late. This couple has decided to get around this problem with this invite! And we think this might actually be a very clever idea.

Going viral online, this same invite has had over 1,000 comments on Reddit, with many people offering different takes on this matter. Some are shaming the couple, whilst others are praising them for their idea.

Strange requests on invites have become increasingly popular, for example when another bride asked her guests to pay to attend her wedding. Whilst it is without a doubt an expensive event to throw, we mustn’t forget the true essence behind a wedding- the marriage of two souls.

Would you offer a strange request of your wedding invitation?

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