We all love a candid shot with your Bridesmaids, but when it comes to funny poses, these Bridal parties have it nailed.

1. Showing Some Skin

While you’re having ‘girl time’ before the wedding starts, gather your ‘Maids, get them in their robes and show some skin! Not only will you end up with some belly-laughs, but it’s also a chance to show off that spray tan.

PicMonkey CollageImage from En Robe

2. The Getting Dressed

When you’ve been best friends for years, you forget that they’re boundaries between each other; so when your Bridesmaids are helping you get dressed, there’s bound to be some hilarious moments of inappropriate touching that neither of you realise until you see the snaps…

5Image by Kate McElwee Photography

3. Bad Girls

A photo of the Bridesmaids being bad influencers on the innocent Flowergirl is a must.

9Image by Maria Vicencio

4. Photo-Booth Fun

Grab the props and gather the girls for a series of group shots in the photo-booth; the sillier, the better.

6Image from OMG Photo Booth

5. The Bridesmaids Pose

Recreate the classic Bridesmaids pose with your own girls. Pout the lips, push out the hips and practice your best mean girl stare.

2Image from Apatow Productions

6. The Friendship Circle

Remember back in high-school when you and your closest crew would lie in a circle for a series of ‘The Baby-Sitter’s Club’ inspired pics? Recreate this tween styling with your Bridesmaids.

3Image by Deidre Lynn Photography

7. The Instagram Posse

If your girlfriends are anything like ours, a simple candid shot can turn into a hilarious insight into all of your Bridesmaids’ personalities (check out Rihanna winning at the ‘fun Bridesmaid’ role).

1Image from @badgalriri

8. The Speech

If your MoH is saying a speech, you can bet your bottom dollar there are going to be some cringeworthily stories that will make you blush. Getting photos of her telling them, as well as your reaction is priceless!

7Image by Plum Pretty Photography

9. The Groom One

Get your Groom and ask him to get a shot with your Bridesmaids. It’s even funnier if you ask him to act like the Bride in the photo.

4Image by A Tale Ahead Photography

Main image from kirstydoylestore.wordpress.com

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