Weddings are an expensive business, but even if you’ve created an itemised budget (and checked it twice), there are still going to be a few irritating hidden costs that will probably leave you reaching for the credit card.

Here are five common Wedding costs and hidden fees to keep your accounts out of the red.

1. Alterations

The spending doesn’t stop after you purchase your dream gown, unless it fits like a glove, you’ll need some alterations. Some boutiques offer free alterations, but there are still many that don’t – and this is a costly add on. Expect to pay anywhere between $100 and $800, depending on whether you want to alter a hemline, or resize a bodice.

2. Credit Card Surcharges

If you’re paying for the Wedding using a credit card (even if you are paying from a ‘savings’ account), you can be expected to fork out a ‘credit card surcharge’. While this may only be between 1.5% and 3% extra, when you’re talking about a $15,000 venue bill, it’s can end up being hundreds of dollars extra.

3. Cake Cutting

Venues regularly charge a ‘cake cutting’ fee to slice and serve your Wedding cake at the reception which can come in at up to $17 per person. If you’ve got 100 guests, that ends up being almost $2,000 extra!

4. Dry Hire

Dry hire can include everything from extra seating, cushions, napkins and serving ware to table and cutlery. If your venue doesn’t already have all of the kitchen and dining items you need, you’ll probably need to hire them.

5. Clean Up Costs

Double check that your venue’s quote includes the cost to clean up after the Wedding and  ask about what happens in the case of breakage or damage to the venue; It’s unlikely, but if a guest manages to Macarena straight into a wall and dint it, you don’t want to be the one financially responsible.

Main image from Marissa and Chris’ Wedding. Photography by MacDougall Photography.

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