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Best friends forever… or until a bridezilla takes over your #1 girl. Sometimes even the most normal bride can turn cray as the date gets closer; don’t believe us, check out these nine bridesmaid horror stories!

1. Dyeing To Match

“I had a bride try to insist all of us bridesmaids had to dye our hair blonde so we would match.”


2. Half Your Size

One bride sent an e-mail to her maids with a link to the gowns. The problem was they were only sold in a sizes 6, 8 and 10. One of the bridesmaids, a size 14, made an awkward phone call to the bride. “She told me that her fuller-figured maids should either lose the weight or buy two dresses and sew them together,” she recalls. “I hung up the phone, shocked by her rudeness, and the next day, I politely declined her invitation to be a bridesmaid.”

3. Only Those Pure of Heart

One wedding guest remembers the time her very religious friend got married. “She didn’t want anyone at her wedding or in her bridal party who was born out of wedlock. This included her best friend, who is the daughter of a teen mom.”

4. Eat Up

“My sister in law asked her bridesmaids (me included) to gain 5-10 kilos to make her look better in comparison.”

5. Drug Free

“My bridezilla friend told me I wasn’t allowed to take pain medication for my lupus at her wedding because she was afraid I’d be “too out of it” to perform my MOH duties.”

6. MOH Hardships

“She paid for all the bridesmaids dresses but mine, and ordered them late so I had to pay the rush fee too. I was the maid of honor. Then she was mad at me the day of the wedding because my hair curled better then hers.”

7. Monster In Law

“When I was a bridesmaid, we decided to go to the bride’s parents’ house in the countryside for the hen do. They have a farm with a guest house and we took long walks, cooked and had a lovely time. On the last day, I made lunch for everyone, and just as we were about to eat, the bride’s mother suddenly appeared and pulled her daughter into another room. We didn’t’t think much of it until the bride came back in tears. After a lot of coaxing, she admitted that her mum didn’t like any of her bridesmaids – especially me. We spent the rest of the afternoon in tears. As the wedding approached, the bride texted to ask if I would step down from bridesmaid duties to keep her mum happy! But the groom – also my friend – insisted I was in the bridal party. I’ll never know what I did to upset the bride’s mum, but on the day itself, everything was fine and her weird outburst was never mentioned again.”


8. Sizing Up

This bride wanted all bridesmaids to be the same height in the photo. Unfortunately that meant that one 5”2 bridesmaid had to wear a pair of 7-inch stilettos that she couldn’t walk in. It was an outdoor wedding and she was falling over all day.

9. Camping Out

Bridesmaids were required to camp in the bride’s backyard the night after the wedding so that they could be up early to unwrap and sort through all the wedding gifts.

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