He has sweat on his brow as he gets on bended knee. As you tentatively hold out your perfectly manicured right hand, the butterflies beat in your stomach. He asks the questions and slips on… the ugliest ring you’ve ever seen.

Unfortunately, a man’s taste in jewellery isn’t necessarily as good as his taste in women. So what’s a girl to do when Prince Charming proposes with a sub-par ring?

1. Don’t Kill the Mood

Whatever you think of the ring, don’t spoil the moment he proposes by bringing it up. He’s probably already nervous and anxious to make everything perfect for you, so this is not the time to discuss #RingFail. Take a deep breath, enjoy each other’s company and have another sip of celebratory champers.

2. Suck it Up…For Now

In the days following the proposal, you’ll no doubt be looking at your right hand and wondering how you’re going to make the Instagram announcement. Do not do anything rash. Keep the ring by your bedside, or somewhere else where you can view it regularly; you never know, you might fall in love with it! If you’re 100% sure you want to redesign, try and keep from sharing photos with family and friends, as this will make it tricky to explain the new ring that appears on your finger next month. If anyone asks for a peek at your ring, simply say it’s at the jewellers receiving some adjustments.2

3. Get Smart

Be strategic in both WHEN and HOW you tactfully broach the subject of your poorly chosen bling. You need to discuss this with your fiancé at a time when you won’t get emotional, because if you get upset, you’re at risk of upsetting him ten-fold. Be honest and explain that you want a ring that truly represents the two of you and one that you can see yourself wearing for the rest of your life. Mention the parts you love about the ring (whether it be the diamond cut or the engraving) and highlight how you’d like to change it. This is not a conversation that should be done via text, phone call or What’sApp – you should have a casual face-to-face conversation, so you can pick-up on his reactions and adjust your approach accordingly.

4. Be a Team Player

Keep your fiancé involved in every part of the re-designing process and make it something that you can work on together. Whatever you decide to change, make sure you keep at least one element that he’s chosen from the original ring, whether it’s the stone, the metal or the style.

5. Get Back to Basics

The most important thing to remember is that it’s not about the size of the diamond, the style of the ring or whether it’s platinum or gold; it’s about the love you have for each other. If you keep this at the forefront of every decision you make, you’ll never go wrong. You’re marrying the man, not the ring.1

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