Someone old and wise once said that ‘the wise bride learns through other’s mistakes’ (jokes, it was just me who said it). So, instead of you desperately running around surveying friends and family on their biggest wedding mistakes, I’ve sat down with some of the industry’s best stylists, planners and suppliers to get the one thing they’d change about their wedding. Fairies, learn from their experiences…

1. Jimmy Naumovski, [jimket.} Event Planning

This is such a hard question, we really did have a magical day and everything ran pretty smoothly! The only thing I could think of is making sure you allow sufficient time for the on-location photography and videography which takes place between the church ceremony and the reception. We had a later church ceremony (it started at 2pm) in the peak of summer and because of the glorious weather, the traffic between the venues was horrendous. We really defined the meaning of being ‘fashionably late’! Our tip would be to allow ample time to capture those precious moments, as the clock ticks and doesn’t stop for anyone, even on your wedding day! 

By the way, the emergency lane was put to the test that day; we had our driver take a ‘slight detour’ into this lane and to this day we are very grateful!

2. Melinda Olah, Dockside Group

I quite regret that I left the speeches to the boys and did not do one myself. Some Brides opt for a speech themselves but quite often it is the traditional line up of Father of Groom, Father of Bride, Best Man, Maid of Honour and Groom. There were so many wonderful people I wished I thanked personally. I regret not using the opportunity especially as we got married in a castle in Italy and our guests travelled far and wide to share our special day.

3. Asher Daoud, Showtime Production Services

Being in the AV industry, the lighting, audio and entertainment went well at the wedding, cars were managed by a close friend and the MC is also good friend; so as boring as it may sound, mine went off without a hitch. However, having worked at several weddings, I can say that giving yourself an appropriate amount of time to plan and formalising some sort of spread sheet and checklist can go a long way in ensuring it all runs smoothly. I’ve seen it countless times we’re called in at the last minute to save the day because bride and groom had no idea that ‘<A, B or C> wasn’t allowed at the venue’.

4. Jacque Jarjo, Jacque Fine Jewellery

If I could change one thing it would have been to request more formal photos from our photographers. All in all they did a great job but almost every single one of our photos turned out as ‘candid’ shots. They were beautiful but when it came time to enlarge photos for ourselves and family it was difficult to find photos where we were both looking at the camera. 

5. Guido Merlino, Astra Limousines

The only thing I would change about my wedding is have less formalities, and make it a more intimate, more about the my wife and I.

6. Katrina Roberts, Decorative Events

If there is one thing I had to change it would be being more selective over the guest list. My husband and I were so relaxed with the whole planning of everything that we ended up with relatives inviting some people that we didn’t even know. On the Big Day, we found ourselves having to make small talk with distant relatives, when we wanted to spend more time with close family and friends and really soaking in the day.

We still can’t remember their names – but they are forever in our photos!”

7. Mary Ronis, Scribble & Style

I absolutely loved my wedding day. My husband & I made a pact to have fun and fun is truly what we had! 

The one thing I would change would probably be making it touch more intimate. So instead of the 708 guests we had, maybe just 208 would have been great. As a result, I didn’t get a chance to spend time with everyone as I would have liked. Yes, it is true, we were the real life version of a big fat Greek wedding….

8. Johnny Ellis, Full Circle Productions

In hindsight, after a wedding all you have are the memories, so hiring Photographers and Vidoegraphers who are experienced in their craft is absolutely essential. Look through their portfolios, study their images. At the end of the day it’s not about a Photographer who just takes an photo, it’s about capturing the moment and the feelings within it. Your wedding photos are something you will be looking at for the rest of your life.

Main image from Kassandra and Peter’s wedding. Photography by Milque Photography.


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