Research in the UK has found that 50% of people don’t remember their wedding (cue the gasps of horror from brides-to-be around the globe).

It seems impossible and crazy, yet somehow the stresses of the day tend catch up with the couple and they end up forgetting much of their Big Day. Bearing in mind that this will affect half of every one of us, we’ve put together a few tips so help you keep these magical memories alive for years to come.

1. Delegate

Stress is a key factor when it comes to forgetting the wedding. Our brain naturally rejects thoughts associated with things that cause us stress as a coping mechanism, so to avoid this, start delegating! Your besties are there for a reason and have probably offered to help anyway, so take the opportunity and give them things to do.1

Image from Vivian and George’s wedding. Photography by T-ONE.

2. Drink Less

As cliché as it may sound, seven glasses of bubbly compared to seven bottles of bubbly do a great deal to helping you remember the Big Day. Although it is your wedding and you want to have a good time, pacing yourself not only helps with memory, but it also saves you from going to the bathroom a million times in that big dress of yours!

Image from Nadisha and Han’s wedding. Photography by Hilary Cam Photography.


3. Hire a Videographer

You’ve got the photographer, so there’ll be dozens of pics of your wedding, but why not hire a videographer as well? Videographers capture moments, conversations and bad dancing – all the best parts that you may have forgotten or missed on the day. Videographers bring your wedding back to life when you want to re-live it!

[vimeo id=”130285617″]

Video Seren and Dogan’s pre-wedding shoot. Videography by Iconic Films

4. Stop and Look

From running around talking to relatives, to listening to speeches, having photos taken and dancing, your wedding schedule will be overwhelmingly full. However, make sure you give yourself a few moments to stop, turn around and just look. Soaking up the scene can be just as good as a photo and it’s something you can etch into your memory.


Image from Anthea and George’s wedding. Photography by Porfyri Photography.

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