8 ways to multitask your Wedding and save $$$

There are so many elements that come into a wedding, that savvy brides should look to multitask at any opportunity they get.

Not only will this save you time (because have you ever tried to use calligraphy and sign each individual placard?), but also money. So take heed Fairies and get double the benefits for half the work with these 8 sneaky tricks of the trade.

1. Taking Flowers to the Reception

The gorgeous blooms you’ve used to decorate the church don’t have to be left at the altar. Delegate your wedding planner or a close family friend to pick-up the flowers from the church and take them over the reception for re-use. Booms away!


2. Make the Bridesmaids’ Jewellery Also Their Gift

Most of the time the bride arranges the jewellery for her bridesmaids, as well as a thank-you gift that they give to the girls on the morning of the wedding. However, if you’re not sure what gift to get, combine the two and give your ‘maids some exquisite jewels. Spend a little bit extra on the jewellery and get them something that they’ll truly appreciate and wear, long after your Big Day.

3. Say ‘I Do’ at the Reception venue

If your heart isn’t set on getting married at a church, consider having the ceremony at the reception venue. Most venues have multiple spaces which you can use, like a beautiful outdoor pagoda, amphitheatre or marquee. You can generally hire the two places at a cheaper rate, it saves guests travelling between locations and it halves your stress levels leading up to the day, as you’re dealing with the same suppliers for both.

4. Gift the Centrepieces

Most of the time, the bomboniere is beautiful enough to be used as a decorative element on the table; so why not use these pretty little things to your advantage? Whether you go for a beautiful plant, a scented candle or a gift box of colourful macarons, arrange the gifts and use them as a centrepiece for guest table.

5. Serve the Cake as Dessert

By the time the cake is served, most guests are well and truly full as a goog (aka. super full), meaning the desserts often get left untouched – as a self-confessed chocoholic, this is sacrilege. Instead of paying for desserts that no-one eats, serve the wedding cake as dessert and if you want a little something extra, serve with a scoop of ice-cream.

6. Choose a Venue That Doesn’t Need Styling

If you opt for a venue that has incredible interior architecture or a spectacular fit-out, you won’t need to purchase much in the way of décor!3

7. Use Champagne Bottles as Place Cards

What’s better than being able to find your seat easily at a wedding? Having your own bottle of champagne to welcome you! Use mini bottles of Moet as place-cards and simply loop a card with the guest’s name around the bottle. Guests can drink this throughout the night or take it home as a favour.

8. Have a Photo-Booth

Photo-booths are one of the most popular entertainment options. Not only do they keep guests occupied for hours, but they also give the bride and groom access to hundreds of photos from their Big Night without paying for an extra photographer. 2

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