11 signs your bestie needs to be your Bridesmaid

You’ve probably already made up your mind about who you’ll be choosing from your girl squad to be your bridesmaids, but if you’re second guessing, we’ve put together 11 signs that your bestie needs to be upgraded to bridesmaid…ASAP

1. Whenever you start to tell her about the really funny thing that happened earlier in the week, you have to stop half way through, because you remember she was with you when it happened.

2. You can spend entire days together in complete silence and never feel uncomfortable.


Image from Eris and Michael’xs wedding. Photography by Tyme Photography.

3. You bicker like an old married couple, especially when it comes to celebrities (team Miley Vs. team Nicky).

4. It doesn’t matter if she’s running late to a restaurant, because you already know exactly what she likes and can order for her.2

Image from Danielle and Ben’s wedding. Photography by This Day Forward.

5. Other friends have stopped bothering to send each of you a text inviting you out. It’s just assumed if one’s coming, you both are.

6. Your Mum sets the table with an extra seat each night, ‘just in case’ your bestie is staying for dinner.


Image from Jacqui and Denny’s wedding. Photography by Lucas & Co Photography.

7. You’re fine with your fiancé having a night out with his friends, but heaven help any girl who tries to hang out with your bestie when you’re not around.

8. She’s the first liker on all your Instagram posts, even if it’s a crap photo.

9. Knocking on her door is just weird. You walk straight on in.


Image from Marie and Harris’ wedding. Photography by Evoke Photography.

10. Her food is your food, so it’s normal to eat off eat other’s plates.

11. She has a toothbrush at your house.6

Image from Lisa and Antonio’s wedding. Photography by Imagehaus Weddings.

Main image from Amanda and Anthony’s wedding. Photography by Image Haus.

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