7 crazy cool Wedding extras you haven’t thought of yet

Thought you had your wedding all planned out? Well, we’ve found seven unique ideas you need to take your wedding to the next level!

1. Confetti Bar

All of your guests glitter dreams have come true! They can mix and match their own glitter parcel for your special day.


Image from bklynbride.com

2.S’more bar

No words. You know what to do.


Image from mooreminutes.com

3. Open Seating

Hey, you’re all family now! What better way to make your families more acquainted with each other by getting to know each other before the reception? Couples are now taking this to the next level, by having open seating at the reception too.This encourages people to mingle and also saves you the sleepless nights trying to perfect your seating plan!


Image from thefrenchbouquettulsa.com

4. Rug Up

This is the perfect idea for those who want an outdoor wedding. You can never predict the weather on your big day – it could be overcast, sunny, cold or a combination of all. It’s better to be safe than sorry and have some cuddly rugs ready no matter the outcome!


Image from blog.mountainhouseonsundayriver.com

5. Flower Shower

Have your guests throw flower petals over you and your new hubby! A lovely idea and one that’s better for the environment too.


Image from marriedwithaloha.com

6. Leaf Table Seating

Pick a leaf, pick a seat! This cute idea would be amazing for an autumn wedding.


Image from ellescoutureevents.com

7. Cheescake

Taking literal to an all new meaning! A cake made out of cheese is an amazing dessert option for those who don’t have much of a sweet tooth.


Image from thecheesestorebowral.com

Main image from Stephanie and Simon’s wedding. Photography by Hilary Cam.

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