7 Types of Chairs You Can Hire For Your Next Event

Every little detail counts when it comes to planning your special event, from the florals, linen and chairs, right down to the cutlery. Chairs take a large amount of space and can add a really stylish touch or even transform your event, so it’s important to choose the right chair!

Sydney Party Operation offer a wide range of chairs you can hire for your next event and they are very competitively priced! Check out their variety of styles below.

Tiffany Chair

Tiffany chairs are the classic go-to, they suit any style of event and Sydney Party Operation stock them in white, gold, silver and acrylic.

Chanel Chair

The name says it all. The Chanel Chair is the ultimate luxe chair, perfect for a glamorous wedding or bridal shower. Sydney Party Operation offer them in gold, white and acrylic.

Gladiator Chair

The gladiator chair is ideal for outdoor events, offering a gorgeous yet laid-back look.

Infinity Chair

The Infinity Chair is just as glamorous as the Chanel chair, but with a more unique design. You can hire them in black, white or gold from Sydney Party Operation.

Ghost Chair

Ghost chairs add a striking contemporary vibe to the space.

Bella Chair

The Bella chair is ever so regal and will definitely transform your event into one fit for royalty.

Pippee Chairs

The White Pippee chair is ideal for casual outdoor events.

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