10 Castles Where You Can Host Your Fairytale Wedding

It’s time to tie the knot and you want the royal treatment. I mean, every princess needs a castle… right?

So why not do just that and check out these 10 gorgeous castles guaranteed to make that fairytale dream a reality.

Warwick Castle

This medieval castle in Warwickshire, England, originally built in 1068 is situated along the river Avon providing perfect picturesque views that your guests (and insta account) will love!

Dunnottar Castle

Located on the rocky headland of Stonehaven in Scotland, this ruined fortress still remains standing from the Early Middle Ages. The lush green hills create privacy and a unique setting that will stand out in the hearts and minds of your guests.

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😍 spectacular shot thanks for sharing @castlesofscotland #dunnottarcastle #scotland #history • • • • • Home to the Earls of Marischal, Dunnottar Castle has held host to William Wallace, Mary Queen of Scots, the Marquis of Montrose and the future King Charles II. ▫️ Most famously though, it was at Dunnottar Castle that a small garrison held out against the might of Cromwell’s army for eight months and saved the Scottish Crown Jewels from destruction. ▫️ After the war the heavily damaged Dunnottar was retained by the Army and used as a depot until returned to the Keith family in 1695. During this period the ruling Stuart dynasty had been overthrown and replaced with the dual Protestant monarchs of William of Orange and his wife Mary. ▫️ Although widely accepted, a Jacobite movement emerged and in 1707 William Keith, Ninth Earl Marischal was implicated and imprisoned. Although released his son – George Keith, Tenth Earl Marischal – later participated in the 1715 Jacobite rebellion including fighting at the Battle of Sherrifmuir. With the defeat of the uprising he fled abroad only returning in 1763 after a pardon granted specifically at the request of Frederick the Great of Prussia. ▫️ During this period Dunnottar had been sold into the hands of the York Building Company who plundered the ruined remains for masonry, lead and other items of value. ▫️ The impregnable fortress is perched on a giant conglomorate on the edge of the North-Sea. ▫️ Image by @iamcallvm —————————————————

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Hluboká Castle

If it’s that glorious Gothic architecture you’re looking for then Hluboká Castle in the Czech Republic is your go to. Considered the most beautiful country in the country, this actual royal castle needs a new queen to rule and you’re it.

Chateau De Brabant

This extravagant French castle is the perfect setting for your fairytale wedding! With over 300 acres of gorgeous gardens, lakes, and that French aesthetic that is to die for, there’s enough room for your entire family.

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🇧🇪 12th century castle in Flemish Renaissance style

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Castello Monaci

On the South-East coast of Italy, you will find the elegant Castello Monaci. It provides the perfect fairytale backdrop as it radiates that royal energy that your special day needs.

Luttrellstown Castle

The recent setting of Home and Away stars, James Stewart and Sarah Roberts’ wedding, this 15th century Irish castle located in Dublin provides over 550 acres of lavish green lawns and the star-studded service you’re looking for. Oh, and did we mention the Bekham’s were married there too?

Neuschwanstein Castle

This is the real-life Disney castle located Bavaria, Germany, and it’s ready to host your wedding. Surrounded by breathtaking forests, it rises above it all to create the most amazing architectural structure your guests have ever witnessed!

Curzon Hall

This gorgeous castle is covered in ornate garden landscapes and the best part is that it’s right here in Australia; Sydney to be exact. And it’s just waiting for a royal couple to rule over it.

Mas Toroella

The grandeur of Mas Toroella speaks for itself as it provides the perfect 14th century Spanish backdrop that your destination wedding needs. The nearby ocean and flourishing meadows provide that picture-perfect princess setting to suit your perfect day.


This stunning mansion located in Newport, Rhode Island clad in white terracotta tiles screams royalty…and your name. Built in the early 18th century and modelled to be the garden retreat of French kings at Versailles, it’s suitable for entertainment on a grand scale.

Written by Jelena Tabakovic

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