9 Creative Ways to Exit Your Wedding Reception

You’ve just enjoyed the most magical day of your life. Everything’s gone exactly as you’ve planned and your guests have been in awe every step of the way as you’ve expected (I mean, you’ve only been planning this your whole life).

Why stop there? You need to have the most extra and memorable exit strategy too!

 So to help you out, we’ve pieced together some unique and interesting ways to ride off into the sunset and start your brand new married life.


When we said ride into the sunset, we meant it. Jump on the back of your stead and let your prince charming rescue you from the awkward conversation you’re having with your second cousin’s grandma’s brother you haven’t seen in 15 years.

Horse (and carriage)

You’ll be just like Cinderella before the stroke of midnight, except your gorgeous ride won’t be turning into a pumpkin any time soon.


If you’re having a wedding by the water, opt out the horse for a boat. Speedboat, yacht, the Titanic, and float into the sunset instead.


If a boat’s not for you, you can always float off another way. So grab your hoverboard and make a futuristic exit that’s sure to be unique.


It’s your magical night, so make like a magician and disappear in a puff of smoke…under the floor. But no one else has to know that.


Let your friends decorate your car

You’ve spent enough money already. Maybe your bridesmaids and groomsmen want to help you out by decorating your trusty old Toyota in tinsel, balloons and (removable) spray paint. Just make sure to mention it’s a family event.

The Batmobile

That’s right. If you live in Sydney you can hire the Batmobile which has been built using parts of the original car from the movie to make an exit like no other.

Sparkler Tunnel

Get all your guests together for the send-off by having them create a tunnel with sparklers. It’s the perfect fairytale ending; just watch your hair.


Throw your leather jacket on and grab your bad boy by the waist as you exit the venue in the most badass way possible. Maybe even attach some tin cans on the back of the bike to really drive the point home.

Written by Jelena Tabakovic

Posted in Ever After, Fashion, Planning, Weddings by wedded wonderland

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