Being engaged is an exciting time in your life and after about a week of flashing your new diamond, you’ll have the whole fiancé thing done pat. However, we’ve got a secret to share: getting married is one of the best excuses you’ll ever come and we’ll show you how to use it to your advantage.

1. Getting Manicures

You’ve got to keep up appearances now that you’re getting married, and manicures are an important part of that. If you’re hubby asks, just explain that you’ve got to emphasise the rock on your finger to keep all those pesky single men away!

2. Being A Shopaholic

Whether you’re being picky in the dressing room, or justifying the amount of bags you’re lugging around the mall, using the “I’m shopping for my honeymoon because I’m getting married” will remove judgmental glares instantly.3

3. Looking At Your Phone When You Shouldn’t Be

Caught surfing the net or checking social media when you shouldn’t be?  If someone catches you the ‘ole “I’m sorry, I’m getting married and have been struggling for ideas,” will have your boss/friend/teacher feel sympathetic and you’ll be cleared of all mobile-related charges (this may not work for police, so don’t use this as an opportunity to text and drive).

4. Flying Away With the Fairies

Daydreaming about what you’ll be having for dinner tonight? If you get distracted during an important conversation, pull out the following, “sorry, I’ve been so stressed lately. I’m getting married so I’ve had a lot of things on my mind.”1

5. Having That Extra Champers

Your friends think you’ve had one too many and are trying to stop you from ordering. This excuse trumps all calls to leave the club early, “this may be my last time on the dance floor as a single woman. I think I’m entitled to one more drink.”

6. Weekly Massages

If you’re not already indulging in a weekly massage, you’re really missing out. This is your chance to book in for a regular rub done and if you start feeling guilty about the cost, remember if you go an oil massage, you’re saving money on moisturiser.

7. Buying Cheap Wine

You’re on your way home and you pop by the bottle shop and they have a 3 for $10 deal on your favourite bottle of cleanskin Sav Blanc. You buy up big, but you run into someone you didn’t want to run into and they look questioningly at the cheap-o bottles. “I know right, I’m getting married so my fiancé and are on a strict budget,” will get you out of the most awkward situations. 2

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