How do you tell people what you want without being too demanding? It’s can seem an impossible task to the modern couple, but we’ve whipped together a few tips to get what you want but in a slightly unconventional way.

1. Currency

Heading overseas for your honeymoon and need some funding? Instead of asking your guests for just money, why not tell them which countries you plan on going to and suggest a gift of the currency? It’s still money, but it’s a better type of money because it actually goes towards spending on the trip!

2. Spread the Word

Are you really loving a specific set of tumbler glasses from a new, hip brand? Use those closest to you to spread the word. People won’t ask the bride and groom directly what they want, they’ll go through other channels, like your family and friends. If you have something specific that you like, tell only one person who will no doubt be asked – like your Maid of Honour or your Mum. By only telling one person, you can avoid receiving three serving dishes from the same designer!


3. Modern Barn Raising

Did the renovation of the house get put on hold because of the expense of the wedding?
If you have friends in trade, ask for their time to help the renovation, instead of money. It’s a way that people can be involved in building your dream home whilst giving you the gift of their talents. For guests who aren’t tradies, a house fund can be set up on the day of your wedding that people can offer to pay for tools, paint or other household goods. Every time they go to your house after the wedding, they can feel proud they had a hand in making it a home.

4. No Gifts

If you’ve opted for a destination wedding, it’s not always appropriate to blatantly ask for gifts. If your guests are adamant that they want to get a gift, suggest they donate it to your favourite charity instead!

5. The Collective Gift

If you’re wanting a big ticket item, like a piece of art or a designer lounge suite, why not get your guests to contribute towards it instead of going through the awkward wishing well? This way you have a gift that you actually use and enjoy and guests will appreciate knowing they’ve given you something you truly value.

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