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The only thing that could possibly be more exciting than the wedding day is the prospect of spending weeks on end gallivanting across the globe with your new hubby. However, the honeymoon dream can quickly become a nightmare, especially when the stress of the wedding starts to play havoc on your skin, you end up sick from a foreign disease or your ‘sexy-time’ gets interrupted by a whole lot of body hair.

Read this list of honeymoon preps to beauty-proof yourself and conquer your honeymoon like a pro!

1. Get Vaccinated

Let’s get back to basics. While your laser, exercise and skin regime are important, there’s nothing more crucial than protecting you and your hubby from foreign diseases. Malaria, Hepatitis, Rabies are found across parts of Asia, Europe, North and South America and Africa.

Vaccinations need to be done weeks in advance and while you’re with the Doc, you can also discuss taking precautions for sunburn and insect bites.

Don’t leave it to the last minute, it won’t be fun when you fall ill and cancel your plans, even if it’s laying around the beach for the whole day.

2. Mani & Pedi

Your nails will take centre-stage whether you’re throwing up the peace sign, showing off your ring or snapping a photo of your toes in the sand – don’t ruin it with bland, basic nails.

Prior to your honeymoon, get them professionally done with shellac, that way they’ll last the distance and you don’t have to give them a second thought!2

3. Healthy Eating

Whether you’re hiking up a mountain, swimming with dolphins, snorkeling or sipping on a coconut on the beach in the Maldives, feeding your body with adequate nutrients will make you feel as spectacular on the inside as you do on the outside. Need motivation? Think of your radiating skin, silky hair and killer figure.

PicMonkey Collage

Image from Club Med Finolhu Villas (yes, it’s real!)

4. Facials

It’s every girl’s dream to have radiating skin and it’s really not that hard! You want to be able to look deep into your lover’s eyes without hiding your face and most importantly, be camera ready! In the months leading up to your wedding, treat your skin with regular facials and mud masks that will breathe oxygen into your skin. It’s also a perfect way to keep you sane from all the wedding stress.

5. Laser

It’s safe to say, your body is going to be very exposed during your honeymoon! So if you’re thinking of ridding yourself from the burden of underarm and bikini line hair then now is the perfect time! When he says he wants to run his fingers through your hair, he probably doesn’t mean your body hair.


6 Eyebrows

Eyebrows frame your face and make the world of difference if you shape them right. Visit an eyebrow specialist for a consultation and shape. For those girls who really want to up their brow-game, consider eyebrow feathering – a natural semi-permanent tattoo which lasts for up to two years.

7. Exercise

You’re already pumped full of love endorphins, so add some more of this natural happiness chemical by focusing on your fitness routine. Ideally, you should start six months prior to the wedding, but if you’ve left it to the last minute, there’s always Hypoxi – a proven no-sweat exercise that removes extra kilos and cellulite in four weeks.


8. Body Prep

Face and body scrubs are amazing at making your skin feel heavenly. Your hubby won’t be able to help himself!

Main image from Sivan and Paul’s wedding. Photography by Adonis Kekidakis.

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