7 Fun Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors

If you’re planning a eco-friendly wedding, go for wedding favors your guests will love to use and reuse. Here are 7 fun eco-friendly wedding favors to inspire.

1. Organic Tea Bags

A favor your guest will definitely use. These can also be a great DIY, with many online resources in making your own blends. We recommended sourcing local organic tea suppliers.

2. Hot Chocolate Mugs

If you’re planning a winter wedding, having a hot chocolate or cappuccino bar is a great idea to keep your guests warm. Even better is being able to take your mug home and re-use it. Plus you can always D.I.Y. them yourself, making them extra special (Remember to go for free trade chocolate)

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3. Free Trade Coffee

If you’re more of a coffee fan, free trade coffee beans make the perfect eco-friendly wedding favors. For something a little more decadent, go for free trade chocolate covered coffee beans.

4. Soy or Beeswax Candles

These can be used to decorate your wedding and can be taken home too. Soy and beeswax are much ‘cleaner’ than your regular candle and therefore are a more eco-friendly option. And they make super classy gifts.

Image via : Dusk

5. Edible Bon Bons

No-one would turn down an edible favour! There’s a abundance of edible bon bons that your guests will love. Think cupcakes, cookies, toffee apples, Homemade Granola…the list is endless. We recommend purchasing these from local bakeries and markets.

6. Terraniums

Your guests will love a miniature garden that they can enjoy for weeks and weeks afterwards. These gifts are not only chic and terribly cute but there are environmentally friendly too. They also make great decorative items for the wedding tables.

Image via : Botanica Boutique

7. Ditch the Favor, Donate Instead

If you’d rather not have favors, donate to a local cause and let your guests know you’ve done it on behalf of them. This is a sweet way you can spread the love and be totally eco-friendly as well.


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