Getting your Bridal hair perfect for the Big Day is a Big Deal – it needs to be timeless (so you don’t have the 80s perm regret of our Mothers), face-framing and, most importantly, comfortable for you to wear, because the last thing you want is a migraine from all the misplaced bobbypins!

Charlie Helou is an award-winning Hairdresser from Mes Cheveux is and has styled the hair of hundreds of Brides across more than a decade, so when we had the opportunity to chat (aka grill) him on Wedding hair, he gave us these seven commandments.

1. Thou Shalt Share Your Wedding Gown

You might be hoping to leave your Gown as a big surprise for the entire world, only revealed on your Wedding Day… BUT, Charlie says it’s essential that you show your hairstylist your dream dress while planning your hair. This is so that they can ensure your hairstyle will work with your neckline. The idea is for it to complement the gown!


2. Thou Shalt Plan Ahead

Bride’s should work closely with their hairstylist in the months leading up to the Wedding, refining the style, focusing on getting hair into it’s best health and finalising colours and cuts. Don’t just expect to arrive on the day, this kind of thing requires planning.


3. Thou Shalt Discuss Your Other Crowning Glory

No, not your hair! You’ve also got to discuss what you’re planning in terms of veil, crowns, tiaras and hair accessories, as this will seriously impact your style on the day.

4. Thou Shan’t Forget the Face

Most Hairstylists will want to know what makeup look you’re hoping for, because your hair and makeup need to be coordinated. Some Hairstylists will even ask to talk to your makeup team before the Wedding to make sure everything is prepped.

5. Thou Shan’t Forget Theming

Don’t overlook your Wedding theme when planning your hair. It makes so much sense, but we don’t often think about it! If you’re having a traditional church ceremony, you might want to reconsider the spiky, edgy up-do you were planning…


6.  Thou Shalt Consider Fakery

We’re never ones to shy away from a bit of fakery in the name of beauty and when it comes to the Wedding hair, it’s a good idea to think about whether you’ll want extensions to add some volume and length.

7. Thou Shalt Think of the Weather

Never underestimate the importance of the weather. If you’re having a summer Wedding with an outdoor ceremony, maybe the loose romantic curls won’t be the best option (unless you want hair flying into your lip gloss and a film of sweat forming around your neck)! Outdoor Weddings require a certain style of hair and will probably require some extra tools, product and pre-Wedding prep to get you ready.


Founded in 2015 by some of NSW’s most well known hairstylists and educators, Charlie Helou and Josephine Staltari, Mes Cheveux is a new addition to Westfield Parramatta. With a plethora of awards under their belt, including 2015 Hairdresser of the Year, the team at Mes Cheveux combines contemporary styling with decades of experience.

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