What they say is true: the Wedding stationery really does give guests a glimpse of the mood and theme of your Wedding. So, to make sure you nail your Wedding stationery game, we’ve spoken with Melissa from Personalised Favours to get her seven top tips.

1. Be Organised

Your save-the-dates should be sent out at least a year before the Wedding and the actual invitation should ideally be posted out 6-8 weeks prior to the Big Day. This means that the Wedding stationary should be one of the first things a Bride and Groom-to-Be organise!

2. Count Addresses Not People

This is one of the most common errors Brides make when ordering invitations – they order per person, as opposed to per address! Couples, families and even sometimes flatmates can all be included on the same invitation, saving you money on both printing and postage.


3. Buy Bulk

Don’t purchase your save-the-dates, invitations and thankyou cards separately; instead, order them all at once from the same supplier to ensure that all of your stationery abides by the same theme and has the same look and feel.


4. Size Matters

As a rule of thumb, always try and stick to standard postage sizes or sizes that will fit in pre-made envelopes or boxes (traditional sizes for invitations are 11B, DL and 160mm Square). Personalised Favours offers a round engraved save-the-date and invitation which fit into standard envelopes. They even have a magnetic backing so that your guests can display them on their fridge. No excuses for forgetting to RSVP…


5. Use a Spy Pen

This sounds crazy, but it’s actually one Of the best tips around. So often, you’ll find that guests get so excited about RSVP-ing that they forget to write their name on the card. Use a ‘blue light’ or ‘invisible’ pen to write the guests initials on the RSVP card before you send it out. That way, if they send it back sans name, you can shine the blue light on the invite and see who it’s from!


6. Be Original and Keep it Personal

Customise your invitations as much as you can as this is the key to taking your stationery up a level. Personalised Favours suggests using wood or acrylic materials to inject some modern style into the invites, or alternatively, design your own monogram and font to include!


7. Mail Yourself an Invite

This is another handy tip. When you post out the invitations, post one to your own address. That way, you can make sure you’ve sent them correctly, you can tell (approximately) when the rest of your guests will receive theirs AND you get to keep one of your invitations as a memory of the day.


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