From the obsession with the latest Lip Smacker’s flavour in high school, most girls have had a love affair with lip balm dating back decades; so, when we heard that lip balm addiction was a real medical issue, we had to know more and the first question we had was – Could I be an addict?

Pucker up; here are 7 signs, facts and figures that will help you figure out whether you’re actually an addict.

1. You panic when you can’t find your favourite balm

If your feeling panicked and anxious at the thought of leaving you favourite lip balm at home, it could be a sign to seek help. Call your Bestie and start organising a lip-intervention.1

2. No matter how regularly you apply lip balm, it’s never enough

Did you know that the ingredients in some lip balms actually dry your lips out? Look out for ingredients like salicylic acidcamphor, phenol and menthol, which can irritate your skin.

3. You apply lip balm only to lick it off (but it tastes so good!)

Let’s face it; some lip balm tastes as good as it smells and it has almost zero calories! The problem arises when you continually lick you lips to get the last smidgen of delicious gloss. Licking you lips will only dry them out further, so you’ll be stuck in a continual pattern of apply, lick, apply, lick.2

4. You can’t leave home without it

If you struggle to leave the house without carting along at least one lip balm, it’s probably getting out of control. Instead of carrying your balm everywhere you go, start taking better care of your lips; this will mean they’ll require less moisture and protection – and they won’t feel so dry. Do a weekly exfoliation to get rid of the dead skin and stick to balms with ingredients like vitamin e and natural oils.

5. Your makeup bag looks like this

Girl, you need to up your makeup game; maybe try a smoky eye for a change?3

6. You can’t help yourself

If you automatically get the urge to reapply your lip balm every-time you see someone else reach for their own gloss, try and stop yourself. Use your self-control and wait at least another five minutes, you might find that you don’t need the extra application at all!

7. You have a monthly lip balm budget

If your monthly budget includes a dedicated spot for lip balm purchases, it’s time to draw the line. Pick a favourite brand and flavour and limit yourself to one tube per pay cycle.4All images from @glamours_by_nat


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