Wedding cakes are big business, but with so many options available, it can be a confusing decision – especially when you don’t know where to start! We’ve laid out some options to help you eat your way to the ‘cake’ of your dreams.

1. Traditional 

This is the cake that started all wedding cakes. Your traditional layered cake can be snazzy or simplistic depending on your tastes, and the flavour remains a surprise until you slice it open!


Image from Vicky and Peter’s wedding. Photography by Imagehaus Weddings

2. Naked

This option is trendy right now and is a stripped back version of the tradition cake which proves that it’s what on the inside that counts. This cake doesn’t detract from its surroundings and is still delicious, despite the lack of thick sugary icing.


Image from styleandthebride.co.uk

3. Macaron


Taking a step away from the cake option, macarons are light, tasty and can come in any flavour or colour you desire. These delicate treats are a hit with almost anyone, but we can’t guarantee you’ll have leftovers!


Image from inspirationsbyida.wordpress.com

4. Cupcake


Who doesn’t love a good cupcake? They’re the perfect size, easy to carry around and don’t require a plate or fork to eat. These individual treats can be made into almost any flavour to cater for all, and can be adorned with wedding love cuteness.


image from weddingcupcakes.org

5. Doughnut


We wish we were the mastermind behind this idea, because it is the thing of dreams. A donut cake is next level, and we think guests would envy this sensational idea!

doughnut Image from partyspace.com | pinterest.com

6. Cheese

Don’t like cake? Want something that you can dig into on your wedding day that goes well with your wine? We’ve found the perfect pairing – wheels of cheese, stacked onto each other to resemble a cake. You’re welcome.


Image from easyweddings.com | sheridanscheesemongers.com

Main image from tbdress.com

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