Australia has an amazing array of native flora and it seems our florists know it! With native bouquets not only a cost-effective option, but also a great way to pay homage to the country that you love, we’ve picked our top five Aussie blooms.

1. King Proteas

These are a statement to behold! An enormous statement flower, King Proteas can only sit front and centre of your bouquet and with these beauties available in white as well, there’s no need for us to say any more!


Image from theeverafterstory.com

2. Eucalyptus Tetragona

To add a bit of texture, as well a gorgeous scent, consider adding eucalyptus to your bouquet! Although there are many types of eucalyptus, we prefer these because of the beautiful white gum-nuts that go with it.


Image from weddingwoof.com

3. Inca Gold

These babies are more of colourful filler than a statement piece to your bouquets, but that doesn’t make them any less of a feature (after all, what would Destiny’s Child be without Michelle and Kelly).


Image from swallowsnestfarm.blogspot.com

4. Rice Flower

These are so cute we almost want to eat them! Amazing as a centrepiece or a scattered filler, these pink-white baubles are the extremely versatile.3

Image frommoonsnjunes.wordpress.com

5. Frosted Fire Protea

The beautiful white feathered tips give this flower its name. Unlike their cousins, the King Protea, you can have more than one in your bouquet without detracting from the other flowers!

PicMonkey Collage

Image from swallowsnestfarm.blogspot.com

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