Noel Nassar has created a reputation of being one of the best wedding stylists in the business. This month, he’s hosting a workshop to reveal some of his expert advice and to get a preview of some of Noels’ insider secrets, he’s shared with us his 6 styling tips for brides!

1. Reflect Your Personality

The styling of a venue should reflect the couple’s personalities, so the role of the stylist is to collaboratively work with the bride and groom to translate their vision into reality. It’s important for the bride to provide their stylist with a vision for her wedding, from the selection of décor, colour schemes, flowers and production elements. Don’t’ worry about how lavish or OTT your vision is, the role of the stylist is to think practically and in-line with your budget, so imagine away! I encourage couples to create a ‘love’ and ‘hate’ page, which will give a clear picture for the stylist as to what to and what not to include when planning the styling of the ceremony and reception.


2. Light Up

I strongly believe that ‘lighting’ should be one of the first things that couples consider in their budget. Lighting can make or break the mood that you want to create in your reception. Oftentimes, brides leave lighting to the last-minute, when their budget has already gone to florals and décor, but with lighting my mantra “more is more”, so make it a priority.


3. Floral Fling

I have always been taught that, “If you can touch them than they should be real…”  Yes, I am referring to flowers, fresh flowers. The natural colours and aroma of fresh flowers excite the senses and will leave a real impression on your guests. Fresh flowers vary in costs, depending on the style and quantities you’re after, so allow your event stylist and florist to assist you in recommending florals that are visually striking and are within your budget and reflect your personality and vision.

There is a fallacy that silk flowers are cheaper, when in fact they can be as expensive, if not more expensive than the real thing! Some silk flowers just don’t have the same texture and colour as the ‘real ones’ so it’s important to choose wisely as first impressions always last.

Couples are being more risqué with the design and styles of flowers they choose for the reception and ceremony. Traditionally, the reception flowers have matched the ceremony flowers, however, I am finding that couples are wanting to distinguish between the two settings.

Also, suspended floral rings and chandeliers are still in popular demand and can be simple or grand, depending on your look. Gorgeous draping with floral embellishments and floral tie-backs, is trending – it’s classic and timeless.3

4. The Little Things Count

“If you look after the little things the big things will look after themselves”. I absolutely love detail in table settings and relish in discovering the latest trends and products from an array of décor suppliers. Using luxury linens, napkins, cutlery, glassware, charger plates and individualised menus, are just a few ways to enhance a table setting. The details add to the visual appeal, so it’s important to consider these elements when working with your stylist.

Customised dance floors are still trending in 2015! Decaling the dance floor with the couple’s initials is one of my signature looks. Remember the dance floor is the focal point so why not make a bold statement? If you choose to use a gobo light to project onto the dance floor, make sure that the light is positioned and focussed correctly.

With table linen, make sure that it touches the floor and that you can’t see the legs of the tables, as this can impact on the overall quality of the photos. I am finding that clients now want to invest in luxury linens to lift the décor in the room.

If you’re not a fan of linen, raw wood tables are right on trend. There are so many options from modern to vintage, dark wood to light beech.

5. Venues Should be Versatile

A stylist’s dream is a blank canvas, as it gives us more to play with.

When choosing a venue, make sure you get enough time to bump-in before the wedding. Many venues are happy to give you an early start free of charge, so make sure you choose one that best looks after you. Remember, the more time your suppliers have, the better the outcome.

King Tables are continuing to be a popular choice for couples. Positioned on either side of the dance floor or amongst round or oval tables, king tables can certainly provide a wow factor.


6. Go Crazy With the Centrepiece

Alternate centrepieces are proving to be more popular than having centrepieces that are uniform. Having half the room in low centrepieces and the other in tall centrepieces provides light and shade in the room. The tip for the lower centrepieces is to make sure they’re no taller than 20cm, because if they are, the guests won’t be able to see each other. Once I was a guest at a wedding where the centrepieces were being pushed to the side or placed on the floor so that guests had better visibility….so avoid embarrassments such as these!

Noel Nassar Events STYLING WORSHOPS held in the Banquet Room at Curzon Hall, Sydney Australia Monday 14 & 15 September, 2015 Spaces are limited. For more info email [email protected]

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