6 Pros and Cons To Getting Engaged on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic time of year, so it makes sense that some people may choose to celebrate by taking their relationship to the next level. Proposals and marriage on international days and holidays can be divisive, and Valentine’s Day is no exception.

Whether you believe it’s cheesy or unbelievably romantic, we’ve got our feet on both sides of the dividing line.

Con 1: It’s predictable

The idea of proposing on Valentine’s Day may seem sweet in theory, though a little predictable. Choosing the most romantic day of year puts you in the same category as 9 million other people, one of which is likely to be doing so in the same spot you so carefully chose. Despite this, proposals around public holidays and events are very popular, with December and Christmas Day the most popular times to propose.

A survey by diamond retailer James Allen last Valentine’s Day showed that 41% of married participants wished they had been proposed to on Valentine’s Day – if you’re lucky, your partner will be one of the 41%.


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Pro 1: It’s memorable

In ten years’ time when you’re sitting around the table with family or friends and someone decides to put you on the chopping block and ask when the proposal happened, you can be certain you won’t make a fool of yourself. And when your grandkids want to know about how their grandparents proposed “back in the day,” you can boast that it happened on the most romantic day of the year.

Con 2: It’s a constant reminder

Let’s say you plan out your proposal, get every last detail sorted, and when February 14th swings around and you get down on one knee, the love of your life says no and leaves you to stew in your sudden broken heart in the company of bystanders.

It would hurt, wouldn’t it? Now imagine feeling that searing pain every February 14th as the memory replays over and over.


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Pro #2: You Can Draw It Out

A Valentine’s proposal doesn’t mean it can only happen on the day. Plan a weekend or even an entire week around the proposal, hitting up all of your partner’s favourite places or whisking them away on a romantic getaway before finally dropping down on one knee.

Con #3: It’s Might Be Bad Timing

Valentine’s Day has a tendency to heighten our emotions – to make us high on love. You and your partner may have been together for a certain amount of time and are thinking about the next stages of your relationship, but may not be ready to take that step into fiancé-hood. If you or your partner feel rushed based on the time of year, it can only end badly. Don’t be blindsided by the day.

Pro #3: It’s More Intimate

Depending on how you propose, of course. But whether you choose to do it in a secluded spot or in a room full of people, the romantic nature of Valentine’s Day ultimately makes for an intimate moment. Unlike the popular Christmas Day, you’re less likely to be surrounded by family members when you get engaged, so savour the moment.

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