42 Thoughts That Sum Up A Year Of Wedding Planning

We know, we know – planning a wedding is both fun and stressful. Which is exactly why you need a bridal diary to help get things organised.

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Es+Elle’s customisable Bridal Bible has everything you need, including checklists, a 12-month timeline, bridal emergency kit, and gift registry. It also includes inspirational quotes, supplier pages, décor ideas, and even marriage advice, including steps on how to change your last name.

So stop stressing and get planning!

12 Months Before The Wedding

“Date’s locked in. It’s real, it’s happening.”

“Please don’t be booked out, please don’t be booked out.”

“He can have his Harley’s, just give me the Rolls Royce.”

“Finding a dress is the fun part, right?”

“So many pretty rings. Too many pretty rings.”

“This is expensive. But eloping’s a thing…”



Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to get organised! There’s no time to waste, especially because things get booked out quickly. Prepare a list of hair stylists, makeup artists, transport and dressmakers and rank them based on preference. Despite being a year way, many of the more popular suppliers tend to be fully booked, so prepare yourself for some heartbreak. Make your way through your list if your first option is unavailable, but also be sure to put your name down just in case a spot opens up for you.

While you’re excited about finding the perfect ring and dress, remember your budget. Weddings can be expensive and you might not be prepared for the hidden costs. Set out a budget for each aspect and gather as many quotes as you can before making a final decision.

“Don’t rush into the planning. Take some time to enjoy this special time with your fiancé, it only comes around once.”

9 to 6 Months Before The Wedding

“I need these invitations to scream, “This will be the greatest wedding ever.’”

“I know I said my bridesmaids could choose the dress colour– no, no, not that one.”

“Flowers. Flowers everywhere.”

“I saw this cake on Pinterest and now I need it.”

“It’s not a cliché if I take honeymoon pictures on a Santorini cliff, right?”

Wedding invitations set the tone for your wedding, so work with your stationer (and even a calligraphy artist) to create something which fits. Decide with your bridesmaids whether you’ll be selecting the colour and style of their dresses or if they’re free to find something on their own in order to avoid any awkward moments. Find a wedding stylist that understands your vision; be realistic about your cake choice, and meet with a travel agent to organise your honeymoon – you’ll need to unwind after all of this.

4 Months Before The Wedding

“Scan this, scan this, scan this – don’t scan that!”

“Please fit, please fit.”

“I’m more nervous about my annual leave getting approved than anything else.”

“Chicken and red meat … or fish. Vegetables? How many vegetarians do we know?”

“Can’t put those two on a table together. This will be fun.”

Get started on your gift registry but take into account your guests and their budgets – they may not be able to afford everything on your dream list, so try to be realistic. Now is the time to get your alterations sorted. If you’re trying to lose weight before the wedding, be sure not to go too drastic as this will affect the way your dress can be altered. Make sure your annual leave is approved at least four months before your wedding and honeymoon to avoid any disappointments. Focus on your venue by booking your tasting menu and begin sorting your seating plan – you don’t want any dramas on your big day.


2 Months Before The Wedding

“Stamped, mailed. And now we wait.”

“Is it too early to demand RSVPs?”

“No, no, white wisteria, not purple.”

“Can we get the outdoor photos before it hits 30 degrees?”

Send out your invites now and remember that not everyone will reply as quickly as you’d like. Confirm your flowers with your florist to make sure everything is on track, and provide your photographer with a timeline of your wedding day so that photoshoots all run to a prepared schedule.

1 Month Before The Wedding

“Oh, my god, I actually have cheekbones!”

“I’m about to start knocking on doors.”

“We’ve got the vegetarian option in, right?”

“I’m changing my name. This is really happening.”

“Is Ed Sheeran overplayed?”

You’ll need to trial out your hair and makeup to make sure you don’t hate the end look (there’s nothing like asking for a subtle look and getting a smokey eye). Follow up anyone who hasn’t RSVP’d yet and remind them (nicely) that they’ll need to do that asap. This will also help you when you finalise the food at the reception as you’ll know of everyone’s dietary requirements. You’ll also need to organise your marriage certificate and whether you’ll be changing your name, so visit the appropriate office to complete your notice of intended marriage. Don’t forget to sort out your wedding music as well!

2 Weeks Before The Wedding

“It fits!”

“Please don’t bring out the strippers, my mother is here.”

“Why am I getting emotional just writing these vows?”

“Breaking in these heels all over the house. Doing the laundry? Yes. Eating dinner? Yes. Sleeping? Ye- wait, no.”

“Is that regrowth?”

“Don’t stress, he’s done everything you asked. Don’t stress.”

It’s time for the little things! You’ll have your final dress fitting, so make sure you’ve made no drastic changes. Prepare your vows if you’ll be saying them – you’ll need the words there on the day in case you get nervous or emotional. Walk around the house in your heels so that you’ll be comfortable on the day. If you’ve dyed your hair or just want a touch up, visit your hairdresser now so that it looks fresh on the day. Check in with your partner to ensure they haven’t forgotten anything (you trust them, but it doesn’t hurt to check…) And of course, enjoy your bridal shower and hens night!

1 Week Before The Wedding

“Please don’t rain, please don’t rain.”

“How many band aids is too many?”

Just seven days left. You’ll need to be in contact with all of your wedding suppliers to ensure that nothing has been forgotten and everything is running smoothly. Take a deep breath and check the weather, but prepare yourself just in case it rains (always have wet weather options available). Prepare a bridal emergency kit because it will be your lifesaver (just check page 113 of Es+Elle’s Bridal Bible).

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3 Days Before The Wedding

“Can I just wear the dress every day until then?”

“He’s going to pretend he lost the rings. Just laugh when he does…”

“Treat yo’self.”

“I love you, you’re my best friend, but please just stick to the list.”

3 days to go! Make sure you pick up your dress and treat yourself to a manicure/pedicure if you haven’t already. Give your rings to your partner (and humour them when they inevitably pretend they lost them). Speak to your maid of honour about the timeline for the day and what you’ll need from her.

Your Wedding Day

“This is it. This is it.”

“God, that food looks so good.”

“What if I need to go to the bathroom.”

“I do, I do, I do!”


It’s the day! Can you hear the wedding bells ringing? Remember to look after yourself; it’s a day of love and happiness so don’t let the little things stress you out. You’ve worked hard to make this happen so enjoy it.

“Every once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.”



You can purchase es+elle’s Bridal Bridal from their website, or discover more from the brand on Instagram.

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