Melbourne Brides are the epitome of chic. They embrace trends straight from the catwalks of Milan, Paris and New York and pare back their looks to create an effortless style that matches their ‘cool girl’ persona to a tee.

So, how do you steal the elegant-simplicity that Melbournites are so renowned for? We spoke with Con Iliopoulos from Con Ilio, one of the city’s most famous fashion houses to get his must-know Melbourne style trends.

1. ‘Off-White’ Tones

“Melbourne brides more frequently consider ‘off-white’ tones when it comes to their Bridal gown,” Con says. Not only do hues like cream, vanilla and ivory compliment more skin tones than traditional white, but they give Brides a soft and romantic look, which works beautifully with the sleek lines and laser cuts that Melbourne Brides wear.


2. It’s All About the Detail

Melbourne is known as the fashion capital of Australia, so Brides can be very particular when it comes to designing their dream Wedding gown. Con explains this his clients are all about pushing the boundaries The Melbourne-look takes inspiration from social media and celebrity events, like Cannes and the Met Gala, and uses a combination of trends, injected with a ‘Melbourne’ flair to create something unique. Con says, “I always focus on designing Bridal gowns with unusual features, concentrating on intricate detailing, whether it be hand embroidered bodices, using lace applique or pearl beading. The most important thing is that every aspect of the gown compliments the Bride’s figure.”


3. Nude Illusion

This is a new and very on-trend technique that gives the gown a jaw-dropping finish while enhancing the Bride’s hourglass figure by emphasising her curves.


4. Embellishment

The Melbourne take on embellishment is done by using a modern technique that creates a three-dimensional feature on the gown with hand embroidery or beads. This is a bold statement that can personalise each dress and it turns the dress into a detailed piece of art.


5. The Power Shoulder

Con recommends structured shoulder pads for Brides, as they define and emphasise an hourglass shape. “This is one of the biggest trends of 2016 and it’s no surprise as to why,” he says. “Giving the shoulders extra width and dimension creates a balanced look which emphasises strong arms and a smaller waist.”


6. Winter Dressing

Melbourne Brides thrive during winter, because they’re so used to dressing for a cooler climate. Long sleeves are effortlessly chic and elegant and whether you opt for a heavier, structured fabric, or prefer light tulle and lace, the long sleeve is a trend that can be incorporated in any climate!


Con Ilio launched in 2016 and is an evening and Bridal fashion-house based in Melbourne, Australia. The brainchild of Head Designer, Con Iliopoulos, Con Ilio uses European-sourced fabrics and employs intricate hand-beading and lace-crafting techniques to cater for the Australian haute-couture market.

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