Rain on your Wedding Day is traditionally consider good luck, but most Brides would disagree. Waking up to dark, grey clouds, heavy showers and cold wind on your Big Day can be a serious buzzkill, especially if you haven’t prepared for it!

So, to make sure your Wedding goes as smoothly as possible, with or without sunny skies, here are our top tips for preparing for wet weather.

1. Have a Plan B

If you’re planning to have any part of your Wedding outside, from the ceremony, cocktail hour or reception, make sure you’ve got a back-up option that is under cover. Whether you choose to have a marquee, or have spoken to your venue manager about organising a space inside to move your Wedding to, you should try and organise a site tour, so that you are familiar with the ‘plan B’ space and let all of your suppliers know (especially your stylists and florist), so that they can envisage what sort of aesthetic changes they might have to make to work with your alternate space.

2. Don’t Rule Out the Photos

Cloudy skies and rain can actually make for the best and most dramatic Wedding photographs! The clouds can give off a really flattering light and with an umbrella, you and your new husband can be kept reasonably dry. However, be sure to have somewhere sheltered that you can head to if the rain is too heavy. Look for spaces that have unique architecture, detailed roofing, statement lighting (like chandeliers) or any other interesting feature!

3. Bulk Buy Brollies

If you want to be extra prepared, bulk buy 8-10 umbrellas in the lead-up to your Wedding; that way, you’ll have a few as spares for any guests that might need one during the day. Purchasing them all in your colour theme (or just in simple, but elegant white) will lead to some great photo opps of you and the Bridal party carrying them!


4. Fight the Frizz

With women, one of the most common side-effects of wet weather is the frizzy hair that comes with it! Fight the frizz on your Wedding day by investing in a targeted shampoo and conditioner to use, as well as frizz-minimising hair product. Ask your hairstylist for recommendations and add in a bottle of hairspray to your emergency kit for any touch-ups you might need during the day.

5. Dry Your Eyes

Obviously waterproof mascara is a must, but also ask your makeup artist about other water-resistant products that she can use on your face! There are high-tech concealers, foundations and lipsticks that have the staying power to outlast any rain storm.

6. Accessorise

Use the wet weather as an excuse to accessorise your gown with capelets, fur coats and even gumboots! It’ll make for some great photo opps and give you a chance to add some personality to your Wedding day look.

7. Get Wet

This might not work for all Brides, but if you’re a bit adventurous at heart, consider venturing out into the rain at the end of the reception with your Groom. Get wet and ask the photographer to take some raw shots of the two of you, dancing in the storm.


Images from huffingtonpost.com

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