Most people can’t fathom the idea of being without their phone for a few hours, let alone an entire day *grabs paper bag, commences heavy breathing*

But, the idea of an unplugged wedding is actually appealing when you think about it.

So, here are the main reasons why Brides are choosing to go tech-free on the wedding day, and asking guests to follow suit. Bear in mind, some Brides may enforce this rule specifically for the ceremony while others would prefer it applied for the entire day.

1. Let’s Live in the Moment, in all its Unfiltered Glory

Everyone lives life through the lens of their camera phones these days; It’s no secret and we’re all guilty of it. As the saying goes, “Not on Instagram? Didn’t happen.” But, when it comes to the Big Day, it’s a sad thought that such a joyous experience could be ruined (or even forgotten), by people too busy trying to get the perfect Snapchat. A tech-free Wedding literally forces everyone to be fully present and wholly appreciate what’s actually going on. Starting to sound a little less crazy now, isn’t it?

2. Can we not Form a Human Obstacle Course for the Photographer, Please?

Chances are the happy couple are paying a pretty penny for a decent photographer. But said photographer is going to have a tough time delivering quality photos while navigating around social media paparazzo guests with their amateur iPhones. Guests often ruin the phot and/or the atmosphere with their incessant focus on getting the money shot. If nothing else, for the sake of your poor photographer, considering an unplugged Wedding and asking for guests’ cooperation could mean all the difference when you receive the final product.

3. No Teary Eyes and Smiling Faces, Just a Sea of Screens

When the Bride takes her first steps down the aisle, or the Groom glances into the crowd of loved ones for support and an encouraging smile, the couple are hoping to see faces, not devices. Unfortunately, our digitized realities mean this is rarely the case. So just for a the major parts, try switch off your phone or place your DSLR in your lap and just focus on what you’re witnessing. That brief glance you share with a Bride before her “I do’s” may just mean the world.

2Image from Ellen LeRoy

4. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Sing it Aretha!

As a courteous guest, it’s pivotal to respect the couple’s wishes on their special day. And guess what? That includes checking your tech at the door (if specified). Surely most guests would honour the choices of the Bride and Groom and cooperate in creating a distraction-free atmosphere.

5. Fuel Some Family Bonding

When preoccupied with different screens, a viewfinder and three or four social media channels that all need updating (#anxiety), chances are there won’t be much mingling between the guests. I mean, by the time you’ve perfectly filtered your snap, updated your Facebook status and Snapchatted the first kiss, there’s really little time for anything else. An unplugged Wedding would get people off the screens and chatting over some cocktails a lot sooner than the reception.

6. Preserve some Privacy

We all know someone who laughs, cries, eats and passes bowel movements on social media (seriously, TMI). But the Bride and Groom may be quite the opposite. For this reason, a tech-free Wedding may also be a subtle attempt at maintaining the couple’s privacy. Also, one too many Grooms have found themselves nervously scrolling through their Facebook feed prior to the ceremony and accidentally stumbled upon a photo of their soon-to-be-Wife. Do you really want to be that person? Didn’t think so.

7. Major Time-Saver

Photo sessions and post-ceremony shoots aside, the day will ultimately run smoother if the couple doesn’t have to keep stopping for every iPhone camera shoved in their path. And let’s be honest, a Wedding that runs to schedule is a lot less stressful for everyone involved. So do yourself a favour and unplug.

3Image from coreyann.com

Main image from Thomas Stewart Photography

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