5 Ways To Include Velvet At Your Wedding

Whether it’s re-emerging into the fashion world or popping up into our beloved Kmart stores as luxurious (and cheap) deep green armchairs, velvet has been on all of our minds, and for good reason. The luxe material manages to elevate any look from one to a hundred and can work it’s magic to create so many different vibes. It’s not just for your wardrobe or your lounge room either.

Including elements of velvet to your wedding day or any special event, works just a treat. Want to add a bit of glam? Ditch the Tiffany chair and add velvet seats instead. Love yourself some vintage? Throw in a velvet couch as the centrepiece for you and your partner to sit on. The possibilities are truly endless, and we’re going to give you a run-down on all the different ways you can add velvet to your next event.


1. Men’s Suits

It might seem that there aren’t quite enough options for men when it comes to dressing them up for a special occasion. Generally, it’s a black suit, or if they’re brave and bold, a white suit, but it’s still not anything to get excited over. What makes the groom different to other guests if they’re all wearing the same suit? It’s his day too (maybe) and you want him to shine just a little as much as you, so ditch the old and boring and consider this; velvet suits.

Now we don’t mean velvet head-to-toe, because please, please don’t give him velvet pants. That’d be a whole level of weird that we don’t even want to talk about. But a nice, well-fitting suit with a velvet blazer has us weak at the knees just thinking about it.

Our pal Alex Goodman can hook your man up with the perfect velvet blazer. He did, after all, dress Donny Galella at the 2018 Bridal Bazaar, and boy was he serving us some looks.

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Off to MC #thebridalbazaar by @weddedwonderland – how about these wheels?! by @uniqueweddingcars #weddedwonderland #wedding #weddinginspo #rollsroyce

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See what we mean?

And if your man is too chicken to step too far out of the box with a different colour, a black velvet suit is a safe, yet stylish option that he can’t turn down.

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Go for it guys. You’ll thank us later.


2. Velvet Couches

If you’ve got luxury on your mind, a sure way to inject a whole lot of it into your wedding is to include velvet seating. It’s unbelievably chic and looks a right treat. Plus, they look much more comfortable than any other option.

Now there are different ways to create velvet seating. The first and our personal favourite is the velvet couch. This can be used on the stage as the seat for the bride or groom or as a sort of prop for the perfect picture opportunities for you and all of your guests.

For our Fairies up in the Byron Bay region, Hampton Event Hire has these gorgeous millennial pink couches, and the different setups that can be created with them are perfect for more intimate parties.

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Some of our favourite pieces decked out for @foreva_events including our blush velvet sofa and wire backdrop? ? @florido_weddings

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We know you guys can’t resist that millennial pink.

To satiate your inspo needs, Majeda from My Event Design shows you another way to include velvet couches. It’s a great way to create a more chill, yet still luxurious setting, that will allow more room for your guests to mingle and stay comfortable.

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Yesterday , we got “LOST IN HAVANA” for our beautiful couple’s Pre-wedding Fiesta?? .| Event Planning, Styling & Design: MY Event Design @myeventdesign – Majeda Kassir Bisharat @majedakassirbisharat |

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3. Velvet Seating

Keeping on par with the velvet couches, another option is to fill out your entire space with velvet seating.

Hampton Event Hire have come through again with these cute velvet ottomans. We think they’re the perfect addition to any cocktail event, and the colours are just gorgeous.

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These colours ? Our velvet ottomans are available in magenta, teal, blush and navy – pictured here at the @brisbaneracingclub for The Society event ✨ ? @gracewriggles #velvet #colourpalette #brisbanevenhe

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For those of you after a more formal setting, why not go for velvet chairs for all of your guests? It amps the luxury right up and with the range of colours that you can find, you can really work them into your overall colour scheme.

If this is tickling your fancy, check out Harry the Hirer. We don’t even need to say much more because honestly, the picture speaks for itself.

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Someone just send these through to the office, please and thank you.


4. Bouquet

Velvet is gorgeous no matter how you choose to use it, and if the above options just weren’t for you, then don’t give up yet.

A simple way to incorporate velvet is with your bouquet. No, we’re not talking velvet flowers, although we don’t doubt that someone has done that somewhere, instead, we mean velvet ribbon. Ditch the satin that usually wraps around a bouquet and choose velvet instead. Speak to your florist to pick out different colours that will work for you.

Check out this stunning bouquet for all your inspo needs.

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Only phone pic of the day… #tooearlyforpajamas?

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5. Gift Wrapping

Using velvet ribbon for your gift wrapping is so simple, we can’t believe we haven’t thought about this before. It’s great for any bride that wants to give back to her guests, and will definitely make them feel just that little bit special.

This also works a treat for any other situation. If you’re a guest attending a wedding and you come bearing gifts, then throw on that velvet ribbon and you’ve got yourself a present that not only looks great but also shows that you put in some effort.

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I bring out my rubber stamps each year to make a batch of gold-embossed gift tags, and it feels so satisfying to do a bit of old-school crafting. The simplest holiday traditions are some of my favorites. … #holidaygiftwrap #christmasgiftwrapping

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Written by Hanan Merheb

Cover photo by: @rentpatina


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