5 Tips To Downsizing Your Bridal Party

Choosing a small bridal party can seem almost as stressful as planning the wedding itself, especially if you have a big group of family and friends. You’ll be sifting through family and friends trying to decide who the most important people in your life are, all while trying not to upset anyone!

Downsizing your bridal party is no easy feat, so we’ve put together a list of tips to help you make the right decision.

Don’t feel the need to include someone in your bridal party due to pressure from family or friends

This is your wedding and your decision! Whether your mom is insisting you include your cousin or sister in law in the wedding party or a friend recommends you include someone to avoid an awkward situation, it’s never a good reason to include someone. Try to not let the pressure affect you.

Take your time

Avoid picking your bridal party immediately after your engagement, once you’ve asked someone it can be extremely awkward and upsetting to back out and a potentially friendship ending move. Take your time before making the big decision! 

Choose those who make you feel happiest when you’re around them

After all this is meant to be the happiest day of your life! 

Choose those who have been there through the good and the bad 

You shouldn’t hesitate to call anyone you’ve included in your bridal party whenever things are not going right for you. If you hesitate for whatever reason, then perhaps they aren’t meant to be included.

Include them in other special ways

A nice way to soften the blow for those who didn’t make the cut is to involve them in a different way. For example, you can invite her to get ready in the morning with you, ask her to give a speech or make them a witness when signing your wedding certificate. 

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