At Wedded Wonderland, we’re always up for a challenge. So when the team from Dr. LeWinn’s contacted us about Reversaderm, which promises a serious skin overhaul without using injectables, surgery and some serious cash, we had to get more information.

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Our Sale Executive, Hanadi did a two-week challenge and this is what she found out…


Let’s face it, nothing feels better than scrubbing the leftover grime from the day off your face. Isn’t it just double the magic when you find a fresh, blemish-free face underneath it all? #skingoals

After yet another salon trip using time I don’t have – and half my paycheck – I decided to harness my energy into finding some at-home alternatives to the exxy salon treatments.

I’m a bit impatient, so I wanted a routine that would show results quickly. That’s when I was put onto Dr. LeWinn’s Reversaderm. This line of skincare is a five-step glycolic re-surfacing and rejuvenation system. The treatment spans over the course of a fortnight and uses five products on rotation – the cleanser, peel, serum, regenerative cream and mask.

Remember back in primary school when your mother would wash your face with soap (THE HORROR!) and you would still have incredibly smooth skin with a silky finish? Yeah, the perks of youth.

Reversaderm brings back baby-soft skin and targets acne scars, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and age spots, sun damage and uneven and dull skin tone.


After spending a week with a combination of glycolic acid, vitamin C, ‘second skin’ technology and macadamia oils, I’m feeling FRESH! My skin feels buff and polished, my uneven skin tone is starting to balance and I’m feeling radiant – something that only happens after an intensive salon treatment.



#Iwokeuplikethis – I am Sound of Music style singing about this treatment! My skin feels incredible, bright and clear. I’ve got the base right with a product that, after 2 weeks, has evened my skin out, helped with my pigmentation and significantly reduced some scars from my pesky picking.

It is recommended I take a break after 2 weeks due to the potency of this but these 2 weeks have proven it so important that I maintain my healthy and rejuvenated skin.

Consider Reversaderm the holy grail of skincare, with a massive stamp of approval from someone who once saw #skingoals as a double rainbow.

To get your own skin overhaul, click here. Reversaderm competition T&Cs here.

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