5 Stunning Veil Alternatives For The Daring Bride

For some of our Fairies, the bridal look isn’t complete without the perfect veil. It can be everything from regal and picturesque, to fun and creative, but always elegant.

While we’ve shown you some of the most unique veil trends, this time, we’re going a little bit different, and really trying to please our ladies who don’t want to be your typical bride. So without any further ado, here are some of our favourite veil alternatives.

Which one would you choose?


1. Hats

Stylish, chic, and the ultimate accessory for any daring fashionista bride, hats are the fun alternative to the traditional veil. We don’t see enough of these, and we so wish we did! There’s just something about a gorgeous wide-brimmed hat that screams fabulous.

2. Hair Pins & Clips

Big or small, hairpins and clips are quite possibly the sweetest accessories for a bride. Whether you choose a smaller pin, or something a bit larger and much more of a statement, it’s sure to help you achieve your dream bridal look.

Bonus points to any pin that serves as a ‘something borrowed’ or even, a ‘something blue’.

3. Tiara

A tiara can go in one of two ways here. Either a bride wants to go big, bold and spectacularly glamourous with a massive crown, and so forgoes the veil to make the headpiece shine, or a bride wants something completely understated. In that case, a simple and delicate tiara will do the trick.

4. Fascinator

Is there anything as classy and sophisticated as a fascinator? You can really play up with the styles here, as there is an abundance of crazy, and not-so-crazy, options for you to choose from. Fascinators are also a great alternative for a bride who wouldn’t mind a little veil action, as you can opt for one that includes a little face covering.

5. Flowers

For the boho bride, flowers are the ultimate alternative to a veil. If flower crowns aren’t your thing, choose instead to thread some flowers to the back of your updo, or throughout your hair for a sweet, romantic look.

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