Our Fave Unique Veil Trends For The Modern Bride

Whether it’s a 75-foot classic white veil à la Priyanka Chopra or pink tulle much like Mandy Moore’s, a veil is arguably the most iconic part of a bride’s look. It’s what makes a bride and is a statement in itself.

While even the most classic and simple veils can have a beautiful effect, there are some brides-to-be who are all about stepping outside of the box and being that little bit different, so only a unique and spectacular veil will suffice.

For any of our Fairies who tick that box, here are veil trends you need to see.


1. Bejewelled Beauties

Sparkle your way down the aisle in a bejewelled veil that is every part the modern regal bride. Set on the head with diamonds and jewels, these pieces are a must for the luxe lady.

Ellie Saab

Ellie Saab 


2. Hooded Veils

For those after a truly fairytale princess moment, a hooded veil is a great option. You’ll certainly stand out from other brides and really take your guests by surprise. We absolutely adore how romantic this veil is.





3. 1920s Reborn

Fashion always comes back around and styles from the 1920s are certainly no exception. We’ve seen such a reemergence of fashion from that decade, especially with the gorgeous flapper dresses, so why not veils as well? These tie at the back of the head and create a very luxe vintage look.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest 

4. Mantilla Magnificence

A traditional Spanish veil, the mantilla is a perfect example of romantic beauty. With lace detailing that hangs over the shoulders, it’s a pretty sight for any bride, and one we’re expecting to see much more of this coming year.


5. Embellished Elegance

Whether it be with pearls or floral motifs, embellished veils take the simple and turn it into something unforgettable. Lisa Origliasso’s veil comes to our mind when we think of this style and for good reason! The J’Atone piece was pure perfection.



Cover photo by: @ahmadyounesphotography

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