Everyone wants to look fabulous on their big day and it’s no secret that wedding makeup is generally a little heavier than everyday makeup to ensure you look photo-ready. However, there’s a fine line between gorgeous and garish, so we spoke with Melissa from MG Artistry who gave us the 5 signs it’s time to put the eyeshadow down, pull out the baby wipes and start again.

1. Big, bad brows

You’ve heard of Brow Game? Some people play the brow game too hard and end up losing. A brow that’s been heavily pencilled can look overdone and takes the focus away from the fresh, pretty bridal look that you should be aiming for. For most women, I prefer to simply use a brow powder to fill in any gaps that might be in the brow. I then soften the edges to create a natural eyebrow. Following this technique gives more of a realistic look to your brows!


2. Shining on the outside

On your wedding day, glow is essential and every bride will shine from the inside, but don’t let that shine escape to your forehead! A little bit of glow is just divine, however using glittery substances and overdoing it on your cheeks can result in any photography flashing back to make you look washed-out and overly shiny. Opt for a highlighter with a pretty glow so that you look classy and radiant versus glittery!

3. Neon pouts

One staple rule to live by: avoid bright lipsticks on your wedding day. Hot pink may look great for a night on the town, but it’s never going to be a timeless option for a bride. For your wedding day, keep it classy and timeless with tones that won’t date quickly like rose, peach, cool nudes, warm nudes – the only exception is a nice classic crisp red lip which works nicely for a classic bride. These are the colours which are currently on trend for bridal, anything else and you risk experiencing a neon overload.


4. Rosy, rosy cheeks

Blush is one of the most important components of bridal makeup and selecting the right blush colours for your skin tone is imperative! Applying the wrong intensity can make you look like you’re going to a dress up party as a clown! The lighter your skin tone, the softer the intensity of the blush. So, for light skin tones. Opt for soft pink or peach; for darker tones, you can go deeper colours like fuchsia or tangerine.

5. Spider lashes

Most ladies love Lashes and they are the best way to finish a gorgeous bridal makeup. Go for a quality lash and one that looks in proportion to your eye shape. Lashes finish off the makeup nicely, making you look done, but not overdone. Always remember that they should highlight gorgeous makeup and not be the focal point. Stay clear of extra thick and ultra-long lashes as this can often look tacky.


MG Artistry was founded by Melissa Gigliotti in 2003 and has since grown to become a well-respected brand, based on years of experience and dedication to her craft. Melissa has worked on fashion, bridal, television commercials, print, online, video and more and she has the innate ability to enhance the best features of any client using quality tools & makeup.

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