An essential part of every bride’s look is a gorgeous tanned glow.

But with all the news about how bad the chemicals in spray tan are for you (and how much worse natural tanning is!) we understand all you health conscious brides out there might be looking for an alternative. The newest kid on the block? The organic tan.

We spoke to Lilian Elkhouri of Tanning Angel to get the lowdown on what organic tanning is and why it’s so much better for you.

1. How long has organic tanning been around?
Announced as the first Australian natural “fake” tan, EcoTan have a range formulated with 70% and 100% natural ingredients. But it was only in 2011 that EcoTan became the first and only organic tan certified by the Organic Food Chain. They are an Australia government approved certifier. EcoTan is also cruelty free accredited.

Now, there are products that can be applied professionally by a salon and/or a mobile tanner and at home self-tanning products. Popular brands include EcoTan, TanOrganic, Vani-T Fusion, Australian Organic Spray Tan, Black Magic, Pure Magic, St Tropez Self Tan Milk.

2. What’s in an organic spray tan?
Traditional tanning solutions often many contain harmful chemicals. But most organic tanning products contain an Eco-Certified DHA. This is a non-coloured, natural sugar based derivative and is what actually gives you a tan. It produces a browning effect when absorbed by your skin’s natural amino acids.

They may also include natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, green tea, grapefruit seed extract, vitamins A, C, D, E and essential oils. All of these are well known for having many benefits for the skin. Most organic spray tans are also free from synthetic colours, ingredients, fragrances, and parabens.

3. What are the benefits?
The food we eat and the products that we use affect our health and quality of life. The last thing our bodies need is another source of synthetic and harmful chemicals found in many everyday products. After all, research has shown that most of what we put on our bodies gets absorbed into our blood stream.

Certified organic products are not just chemical free. They have also been grown, prepared and processed just the way nature intended. They support sustainability and are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals and fertilisers.

Organic tans also don’t contain chemicals that break the skin barrier, so your tan will continue to develop for up to 48 hours. Also only one colour is needed, as their formulation adapts to individual skin tones.

4. How long does it last?
Any tan, if looked after well should last between 7-10 days. Factors such as your skin type, how many coats are applied as well as if you are moisturising and hydrating your skin daily. An organic tan will also fade more evenly than a traditional tan.

5. How is it applied?
At home you can use creams/mousses/sprays. These give you a gradual shade that you can build and deepen to achieve the perfect colour in your own time.

In a salon or for tans applied by a mobile tanner, the process is the same as with your traditional fake tan.

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