37 Thoughts That Sum Up Being a Maid of Honour

It’s the day every girl dreams about; when her best friend or sister gets down on one knee and asks her to be her maid of honour. If you are ever bestowed with such duties, there will be a few thought running through your mind during the journey.

In honour of Sister’s Day and the love-hate dynamic we all have, here are 37 thoughts that sum up being a maid of honour.

Bride And Her Maid Of Honour

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The Proposal

“Of course I’ll be your maid of honour!”

“I think I am going to cry. Yep, I am crying.”

“I am going to be the best maid of honour in all of history. From now on, all other maids of honour will look to me for inspiration.”

“I could get used to all this pampering.”


Whether she uses a skywriter and mariachi band or takeaway pizza and wine on a Friday night, the moment she asks you to be her maid of honour will be special. You will become giddy from your excitement and champagne intake. Savour the moment and the gifts that come with it (RE: monogrammed robes and every scented candle under the sun). It will pass, along with your hopes of being the best wedding captain in the business, as the stress of planning sinks in.

5 Months Before The Wedding

“Is being a maid of honour tax deductible?”

“I am TOTALLY going to have that at my wedding.”

“I may have underestimated the duties of this role.”

“Yes, I’d love another taste the of white chocolate and raspberry sponge.”

“Why won’t this bloody zipper do up?”

Being a maid of hounor may seem like a full-time job at the moment with all of the appointments, tastings, and deadlines. If you’re not dealing with a bridezilla, the process should still be enjoyable (the free cake certainly helps). The more repetitive tasks can become boring very quickly, so grab your bride and make an evening out of them. Got over 100 invitations to stuff into envelopes? Put on your cosiest loungewear and your favourite rom-com and away you go.

The Dress Fittings

“I should be good at this; I’ve watched Say Yes To The Dress.”

“Fuchsia pink IS NOT my colour but anything for the bride.”

“Say YES to that dress hunni.”

The dress fitting is one of the most enjoyable parts of being a maid of honour. You’re a part of a select group of people who get to witness the bride in all her gorgeousness before the big day! A less enjoyable part for some is their own dress fitting. Don’t worry, the bride is your best friend so she should have a good understanding of your likes and insecurities.

The Hens Party

“It’s time to PAR-TAY, did someone say Cancun?”

“Wait, no. I am completely broke from planning this wedding and it isn’t even my own.”

“I deserve a drink.”

“Should I have gotten her sexy fireman stripper?”

If you have gotten to this point and no one has eloped or quit, this calls for a celebration!  Whether the bachelorette party is vaycay to Cancun, a night out in the city or a weekend away in the countryside, good times will ensue. Remember, it’s your job to keep an eye on everyone at the party and to keep Aunt Edna away from the stripper. On that subject, if strippers aren’t your thing, that’s okay. We have a list of alternative hens party ideas to suit every bride and her bestie.

Three Weeks Before The Wedding

“The bride is only at a 16/10 on the panic scale and my haircut, facial, and lash lift are booked. We are on track people.”

“I wonder if there will be any cute groomsmen.”

“Imagine I met my future husband at this wedding? That would be a great story.”

“Note to self: book appointment for wax.”


Being surrounded by all this wedding talk can make us think about what our own would be like. If you’re a single gal, you might seem a bit bummed about your lack of nuptials. If you’re taken and he still hasn’t put a ring on it, you will be itching for him to propose. Regardless of your situation, pay special attention to the needs of the bride because she is now living what she’s fantasised about too.

The Morning Of The Wedding

“It’s too early to wake up, five more minutes.”

“If this makeup artist can just cover a well-timed pimple on my chin, I’ll be happy.”

“What happens if we just pick up the bride and slide her into her dress?”

“She is actually glowing! Gosh, I have a good-looking best friend.”

“Alright team, it’s go time.”

It’s the big day for both you and her as months of planning have led to this moment. The pressure to perform is on as you’re the go-to person for the bridesmaids. Any questions or concerns they have, you must be like the bridal equivalent of Confucius.

The Ceremony

“I have Band-Aids, bobby pins, and booze, all bases are covered.”

“Suck in, suck in, suck in.”

“Don’t cry, it will ruin your make up.”

“RINGS?!? Wait, it’s okay. They’re in my clutch.”

Your job is fairly relaxed at this stage in the day. All you have to do it walk down the aisle, look pretty, make sure the bride looks even prettier, hold some flowers, sign the wedding papers, and DON’T FORGET THE RINGS! Wait, scratch that, you still have plenty to do.

The Reception

“It’s time to PAR-TAY (round two)”

“But first, the speech. You got this, it’s the perfect mix of sincere and Montreal Comedy Festival.”

“Well, that didn’t go too badly.”

“Make way people! The bride needs to pee!”

“Who is meant to help me pee? It is not easy getting in and out of this dress.”

“Hi, Aunty Edna! No, I haven’t found a husband yet.”

“I love her so much and feel honoured that she chose me to be her person (well her other person).”

You’re at the final frontier of your maid of honour duties. It’s time to put those public speaking fears aside and give the speech you have been practicing in your room for months. Just like everything throughout this journey, it might not go to plan, but the adoring look your bride/best friend’s face will make all the ups and downs completely worth it.

Written by Sarah Mourtos

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