21 Disney Wedding Cakes To Feed Your Inner Princess

We have to admit, while we get really excited about weddings (we are called Wedded Wonderland for a reason), we get just that extra bit excited over wedding cakes. Now throw in an element of Disney, and we’re sold.

And while we’ll be happy with the largest slice you can cut for us, we’ll also be content just to drool over images of amazing cakes, which is what we’re currently doing.

And though our stomachs eagerly approve, a part of why we love cakes is the artistry that goes into creating these masterpieces. They’re not only there to eat, but there to admire the craftsmanship (we’ve come across quite a few wedding cakes that look almost too beautiful to eat).

So pull out a napkin and be inspired by these droolworthy Disney wedding cakes.

A White Castle

Disney Weddings Cake 1

Via Disney Weddings

And They Lived Happily Ever After

Wedding Cake 2

Via The Walt Disney Company

Once Upon A Dream


Via Bridal Boutique Wedding Cakes

The Blue Castle

cake 3

Via Disney Weddings

Six-Tier Fairytale Masterpiece

A Whole New World

Aladdin Cake

Via Alliance Bakery

Under The Sea

cake 4

Via Sweet and Saucy Shop

A Horse-Drawn Carriage

Cinderella cake

Via The Walt Disney Company

Let Down Your Hair


Via Sissycakes

Dancing Above The Vines

If The Shoe Fits

Cinerella shoe

Via Little Cherry Cake Company

A Christmas Mickey

Disney’s Original Power Couple

Cinderella’s Castle

Eat Me

ALice Cake

Via Sugar Ruffles

Part Of Your World

Cinderella’s Blue Birds

Hawaiian Blue

A Very Important Date

Alice In Wonderland

Vuia Choccywoccydoodah

Tale As Old As Time

Charlys Cakes

Via Charly’s Cakes

A Not-So-Poisonous Red Apple

Snow White Cake

Via Cake-A-Licious

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