This ‘See Thru Castle’ Wedding Cake is Five Metres Tall

the trans hotel

Just in case you thought you’d seen it all, Le Novelle Cake‘s have created a masterpiece of sugar that will leave you in awe.

Moving past elaborate and heading straight into unbelievable territory, the Indonesian-based cake makers were commissioned to create this ‘See Thru Castle’ cake earlier in November for a ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ themed wedding.Standing at just under five metres, the cake is a sugary piece of art that is illuminated from the inside. On closer inspection, you can see the very detailed flowers, cherubs, spires, chapels, and even a moat.

The cake took an extraordinary 15 peopleĀ and 30 days to create. It then took the team six hours to put the cake together on the wedding day.

This isn’t the first time Le Novelle Cake’s have created absolute masterpieces out of cream and sugar, with their portfolio including regular intricate designs that look like they deserve to be in a museum.

Take a look through their Instagram page – you may be scrolling for a while.

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